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My favorite recipes using Smoked Salmon from Wegmans in Rochester, NY

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I am not the biggest seafood fan and because of that, I always struggle trying different recipes using seafood. While I try to taste most foods at least one time, seafood is one that I usually don't look forward to. Even though I don't look forward to it, after trying it, I now have my favorite recipes using smoked salmon from Wegmans in Rochester, NY,

The first time I tried smoked salmon was at a work event and I have to admit, I was peer pressured into trying it and I don't regret it one bit.

What is Smoked Salmon?

If you have heard of lox, then smoked salmon would be very similar. Lox is made from the belly of the salmon traditionally, however, other parts can be used as well. Both lox and smoked salmon are either brined or salt-cured, and thinly sliced. The major difference is that lox is not cooked and smoked salmon is that ti can be seasoned and then it is smoked. Smoked salmon can be smoked one of two ways:

Cold-smoked vs. Hot-smoked.

Cold smoked salmon is gradually exposed to smoke and it is not cooked all the way. The outside layer is exposed to smoke and gives it all the flavor while the inside flash is still moist and silky. Cold-smoked salmon is more similar to lox than hot smoked salmon.

Hot-smoked salmon is cooked all the way through. It is smoked the same way that smoked meat is. Hot-smoked salmon is different than cold-smoked because it is more dry and flakier, while it has a stronger smokey flavor.

My favorite Wegmans smoked salmon.

The first one I tried is the one that still is my favorite. Wegmans Vodka Dilla Smoked Salmon is truly delicious and great in both texture and flavor. It is cold-smoked and thinly sliced fresh Atlantic salmon that is silky, buttery, and rich in flavor.

Cucumber Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon Rolls

If you want a low carb snack that's not an ordinary boring snack, I highly recommend you try these. All you need are 4 ingredients.

  • cucumber
  • smoked salmon
  • dill
  • green onions

To make them, thinly slice a cucumber using a vegetable slicer.Then, add cream cheese, a little bit of smoked salmon, and sprinkle both dill and chopped green onions. The most difficult part about this is spreading the cream cheese. Although it is difficult to spread on a thinly sliced cucumber, you can just add little dollops and do the best that you can with spreading it. Since it is a roll up, you will still get.a cream cheese taste in ever bite. I also suggest not adding a large amount of smoked salmon because it it's rolled up,it will be thick to bite into and smoked salmon is best when thin.

Bagels with smoked salmon.

The very first time I got creative with smoked salmon was for Mother's Day last year. I hosted Mother's Day brunch and wanted something different and colorful on the table to make it special since it was a quieter holiday than in the years past. I made one large board and added the following.

  • Bagels
  • smoked salmon
  • cream cheese with chives
  • radishes, cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, avocado
  • cheese, ham, and bacon
  • hard boiled eggs
  • fresh dill

You can buy chives cream cheese but since I had chives at home, I made my own, simply add chives to the cream cheese and mix well so that they are well combined. My close family that attended the brunch all enjoyed this because everyone was able to get creative with what they're preferred combination.

My favorite using smoked salmon was a bagel, chives cream cheese, smoked salmon, radishes, red onion, avocado, and dill.

I would love to know your favorite smoked salmon recipes so please share them in the comments below.

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