8 COVID Friendly Ways to Ring in the New Year

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It seems like this year, everyone is doing things a little differently. We are more aware of who we surround ourselves with, where we travel, and the so much more! While New Year's will not be an exception, there are certainly ways that we can all safely celebrate . After all, there are plenty of reasons that I can think of why you would want to celebrate the end of 2020 and about zero reasons not to.

With that being said, here are some way that you can celebrate the end of 2020 and ring in 2021 on a safe and positive note...

  1. Make a dish from another country.

Food is fun and never a bad idea. Whether it's just the family under your roof or you decide to get together with just a couple of your closest friends, cooking something new is fun but trying it is even better. Research cuisine from your favorite countries around the world and once you find something that sounds tasty, look up a recipe and try to recreate the recipe. Make sure that you gather your ingredients from your local store ahead of time and read the instructions to the fullest, before trying the recipe. The best way to follow a recipe you have never made before is to read it twice before you actually begin the recipe.


2. Have a dance party.

Boy, do we need some stress relief this year! A great way to get rid of stress is turn up the volume to your favorite music and hit the dance moves. Make sure you make a playlist though! It's hard to think of songs on the spot and you certainly don't want to pause in the middle of your jam session to think of a song so get right on it and start a note in your phone of all your favorite songs throughout the years! I can't think of a better, more positive way to welcome the New Year we have all been waiting from since March!

3. Host a Game Night.

Who doesn't love a good game night?! Especially since there are all kinds of games available now for literally everyone out there. The best part is that if you don't want to leave your house, you can check out Amazon's never-ending selection and you'd probably discover games you never even knew existed. Some of the all time favorite games to play are Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, and Drawing Without Dignity (just to name very few). What's your favorite board game? Comment below and leave some suggestions to curious readers

4. Cozy Movie Night.

You probably have had enough of everyone and everything this year so you may want to stay at home under your blanket to watch movies all night long and you know what? You have every right to do so. Whether you decide to start a Netflix series or make a list of movies you've been meaning to watch, grab a blanket, the remote, and your favorite snacks and you are ready for the last night of the year of COVID. You can even make yourself a Hot Chocolate Bomb to make you feel extra cozy. For step by step instructions on how to make Hot Chocolate Bombs with only 3 ingredients, click here for the recipe.

5. Make Cocktails.

I can't think of a better reason to make cocktails and drink them (obviously)! Forget all negativity from the pandemic year and try new cocktails. To make a perfect cocktail, you need recipes, a cocktail shaker, and the ingredients. To go perfectly with your cocktails, you can even put together a charcuterie board or just pick it up from a local grocery store. Whatever you decide to do after having a mini cocktail party, please drink responsibly!


6. Play Online Charades.

Group games are super fun to play but you may not feel comfortable to do so in person this year and that is totally understandable. Many of us have been introduces to online... everything... these past few months so navigating your way through an online video call will be a no brainer. Charades is a fun game that you don't need to be in person for to play. It is a game where a person has to act out a given word without speaking and teams or individuals have to guess when you are acting out. To play Video Charades, simply get a group of friends together on video and decide if you will play individually or in teams. Plan out your ideas and let the fun begin. In my opinion, you should keep score so that the winning team/individual should get a Venmo cash prize!

7. Watch the NYC ball drop on television.

Everyone knows what the ball drop is and every year, it is probably the biggest event in all of the United States. The most famous celebrities put on a show and thousands of people gather in Times Square to watch as the ball drops at exactly 12:00am. While you can't be physically there this year for more than obvious reasons, you can most definitely watch it on television as it is said that New York will put on a well deserved, great show for the ball drop this year. For more information on the Times Square ball drop, click here.

8. Set reasonable goals for 2021.

You may not be a party person and that's fine! You may be super eager to start fresh, get organized, and get motivated so that you are super ready for the upcoming New Year. If this sounds like you, put your thinking cap on pick up a pen and get inspired. Make a list of a few small goals that you would like to accomplish and one big goal. Make sure that your goals are reasonable and achievable. This does not meat that your goals have to be easy to accomplish. They can challenge you and that's expected- just make sure they are reasonable. Once you make these goals, set up a plan and a checklist of how you are going to achieve them. There is no better feeling than setting goals and achieving them and the best way to do that is to have a well thought out plan. If this sounds like you, check out these calendars and agendas that will help you stay organized in your journey.

It's very important to know your states COVID guidelines and restrictions and more importanlty be responsible about who you surround yourself with.

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