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Are New Yorkers Really Rude?

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New York City, a must-see destination for tourists among the world, is a very heavily populated city. Known as the “Big Apple”, New York City is notorious for behaving rudely with tourists. Are the people of New York really rude? This article discusses various aspects of this widespread rumor.

Why Do People Say New Yorkers Are Rude?

New York is a very advanced, modern, densely populated and fast-paced city. The pace of New York is very quick, from people to matters, everything takes place quickly. New Yorkers walk, talk and interact faster than people from other parts of America. This aspect of the city is often misunderstood and perceived as impatience, rudeness or even aggression. People from outside the city find it difficult to gel in the environment due to the hustle and bustle of the native people.

Is the Stereotype of New Yorkers Being Rude Accurate?

The answer depends on the definition of rudeness as it varies from person to person. New Yorkers are straightforward and direct people, they don’t create unnecessary arguments and to them this way of dealing with people doesn’t come under the definition of rudeness. In their dealings, New Yorkers tend to be very honest and transparent without having any hidden agendas. For example, when asked, a New Yorker will tell you the directions only if he has complete knowledge or else he will refuse.

New York is a busy city and the people do not always solve problems for the tourists. This may be perceived as rudeness as well. They would rather stress on people doing their thorough homework regarding a problem before seeking help from others. People don’t perform their part of the deal and expect New Yorkers to handle things for them and then label them as rude and aggressive.

Are New Yorkers Friendly?

People of the city may at first sound rude and aggressive but they are nice people. They are friendly to those who respect boundaries and social norms set by the city. They are always nice and welcoming to immigrants settling in the city. The city has a very diverse population having people from various ethnicities and cultures, which make it easy for people from all around the world to gel in with the natives.

How Can Tourists Navigate New York City?

Navigating the city has been a challenge for the tourists, some of the tips they can follow are:

  • Never stop in the middle of the road as everyone is busy and you might frustrate people by doing this
  • Keep distance from people and don’t invade their personal space.
  • No jaywalking, everyone strictly follows traffic rules.
  • Use terms like "please" and "thank you" as basic courtesy.
  • New Yorkers dress very well, so dress appropriately to blend in

Can New Yorkers Improve Their Kindness?

There is always room for improvement in everything; one might become defensive of the conduct of New Yorkers but it can still be improved. A kindness campaign was launched by the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, in order to uphold kindness within the city. Such campaigns urge the New Yorkers to deal politely with others, helping them whenever they need, or even paying for coffees. These practices might seem small but they may help the city improve its image.

New Yorkers should also tone down their bluntness and straightforwardness which they take pride in. There is a need to balance this bluntness and honesty with kindness and frankness as well. A little respect and empathy towards the tourists and even the general public would be good for everyone. This wouldn’t hurt the city’s pace but will surely help its image.

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