The Chinese Company that Owns Everything

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The largest tech company in the world that has invested in all businesses firms in and outside China.

Tencent is the world's biggest tech and video game company that has invested in more than 800 companies and has the most significant revenue in the software and website development domain.

It is the world's leading internet and technology company based in China that develops innovative and genius products and markets them to the world. Tencent not only has investments within China but has now expanded globally in many countries and states.

A Tech Giant

Tencent has not become a common household term yet, but it has fathered many popular social apps and gaming platforms. With competitors like Amazon and Google, Tencent has hit a milestone by generating the highest revenue in the tech world and establishing a reputation. Wherever you go in China, Tencent is all you see.

It is the founding company of the favorite texting app 'We Chat.' Tencent also founded Tencent music and, one of the country's largest online portals. These apps and websites developed by Tencent have over 1.3 billion and 841 million active users, respectively.

Growing Presence

Tencent is not famous in china only but has ramped up its business and reputation across the globe. Tencent acquired Riot games in 2011 and expanded its realm of the international gaming business.

The company doesn't stop here as it announced that the developers intend on building a metaverse for their users. This could be a power move for the company as it will double up the gaming platform and, consequently, the users too.

Dominance in Gaming World

Tencent has a stealthy reputation in the world of digital games. In terms of revenue, it is one of the world's largest video game publishers generating revenue of 6.7 billion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2020. The company targets online video game players in China and worldwide, which is why online games make up 32% of the company's total profit.

In the Chinese market, Tencent has introduced Peacekeeper Elite, the Chinese duplicate of the PUBG mobile game. Other innovative inventions of the company include MOBA and Honor Killings in China.

Marketing and Value-Added Services

Being an investment company with shares in more than 800 holdings, Tencent does not restrict itself to gaming only but also provides marketing solutions and value-added services. It also provides the online advertisement and engagement options.

Furthermore, these value-added services include online gaming, community value-added services, and several other mobile and online internet platforms. The company has a creative segment of display and performance-based advertisement, software selling, development services, and trademark licensing.

Shares and Acquisitions

Tencent has many company investments, including partial and complete acquisitions. The company owns a 40% share in Epic games and holds stakes in PUBG Studios' parent company Krafton, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Platinum Games, Forms Software, and Marvel Inc. The company currently has 100% acquisition of Funcom, Riot Games, Sumo, Turtle Rock, Digital Extremes, and Splash Damage.

Moreover, Tencent has adopted a new strategy and has decided to buy shares across Europe as a part of its aggressive expansion plan. Targeting overseas companies will allow the company to buy maximum controlling stakes globally.

This company strategy transition is due to its newly acquired reliance on global markets for further growth. Tencent is willing to take the risk and go all in to expand even more.

The company has made it clear that they are looking for innovative companies and talented management firms as they aim to focus on developing newer and more genius capabilities as a tech firm. If Tencent continues at the same rate, the company will be massive and unstoppable.

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