CIA's Secret Time Travel Program

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If you are the CIA, having top-notch resources in the world and the power to control everything, there's undoubtedly nothing you won't do to achieve your goals- even if it’s creating crazy ideas of time traveling come to life. Yes, it’s true; there are rumors that the CIA has invented a way to travel back in time, which helps them foresee events in the future.

The Montauk Project

According to the conspiracy theory known as "The Montauk Project," the United States government secretly ran a series of experiments to study things like time travel and psychological warfare. The Montauk Project mythos was created by Preston Nichols in his book series of the same name, which also has parallel narratives centered on the Bulgarian Experiment.

The story originates in Camp Hero, a US Military camp built during World War II to keep a close eye on the Soviet Union. After the war, the center was shut down, with the exception of a radar looking out for possible nuclear missiles from the Soviet Union.

However, after several years of the shut of camp, two young men came forward, claiming that they had just recovered their memories from childhood through hypnosis. The two men, Preston Nichols and Al Bielek, claimed that they had been abducted and taken to Camp Hero, where they had been subjected to severe testing.

What Happened to the Children at the Camp?

It is said that the facility also had other children held hostage. These children supposedly already had higher powers, and the facility was trying to enhance/ strengthen them through a combination of technology and drugs to benefit from them. During this time, the children suffered immense torture and trauma to the extent that their memories were wiped off before they were released.

The facility is said to mainly focus on the teleportation abilities of the children while also trying to figure out time travel. Some claim that the US Military Camp has already made it.

Who were the Propagators of the Theory?

Nichols, born on Long Island, New York, on May 24, 1946, claims to hold psychology, electrical engineering, and parapsychology qualifications. He has published a series of novels with Peter Moon (actual name Vincent Barbarick) called the Montauk Project series. Alleged goings-on at Montauk Point is the principal focus of the Montauk Project. These are centered on claims that the United States government and military have conducted experiments in areas including time travel, mind contro,l teleportation, contact with extraterrestrial life, and the staging of false Apollo Moon landings since the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943.

Once it came to the surface, this theory sparked a lot of unrest in the general public, who started accusing the CIA of using children as test animals. It was further claimed that the CIA had made this system to detect future soviet attacks. Simply put, it was built to spy on other countries and help the USA stay on top of the world.

Previously, the US Intelligence has been accused of committing other highly unethical and inhumane activities in their test labs. People also complain about the CIA having unwanted influence worldwide in every field.

Is the Story Even True?

It has been determined that the work in question is a work of fiction due to the fact that the entire account was made up by Preston Nichols and, to a certain degree, Stewart Swerdlow. It has been demonstrated time and time again that Swerdlow contradicts his backstory, and it would appear that Swerdlow was only interested in becoming renowned in the New Age Community and establishing a reputation for himself.

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