Russia and the West Gearing Up for Big Tank Battle in Ukraine

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With the recent news about Ukraine, the international media and people have realized that Ukraine has been part of an area that has faced immense war and conflicts in recent years. The major reason for this is the geopolitical rivalries between Russia and Ukraine as Russia annexed Crimea in March 2014 which led to a stronger conflict between the two. It all started when Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was removed after certain false charges on him which basically triggered the war.

This further escalated when “Donetsk People’s republic” and the Luhansk people’s republic was created as a sign of the rebellion when the President was removed. This further escalated the problem as the people were truly bothered with the removal of their president and the battle just got escalated. The conflict intensified when people had to change their places and faced deaths of almost 2 million people. Even today, the conflict has been a part of the everyday issue and no agreement has been reached.

Despite multiple ceasefires being reached, most notably the Minsk Accords, a set of accords signed in 2015 with the intention of ending the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the fighting persists. This conflict has basically ruined the position of Ukraine and Russia in the international countries and even though there is no agreement as for now, many nations and the UN have tried for multiple ceasefire plans which failed miserably. Russia’s position has been greatly deteriorated in the West as they claim Russia is providing support and ammunition against Ukraine while Russia has termed these as “false claims”.

Who Wins the Ukraine Conflict?

The conflict in the Crimean peninsula was not the only escalation of violence between the two nations since the annexation of the Ukrainian territory in 2014. However, it is the most prominent one. What is Russian aggression? What does Russian aggression mean? Russia has repeatedly demonstrated aggressive behavior towards Ukraine. In the past few months alone, Russia sent troops into eastern Ukraine to fight the rebels there. It has also blocked shipments of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian citizens in need.

Why is Russia doing this?

The fighting in eastern Ukraine is caused by the separatist movement in the country’s eastern provinces who are opposed to the current government in Kiev. Russia believes that this minority group is supported by the United States and other Western countries, which they believe are trying to destabilize Ukraine and make it part of the Western sphere of influence.

Why are the Western Powers Supporting this Movement

The West supports these people because they see Ukraine as a sovereign nation with its own legitimate government. The government in Kiev was democratically elected by the Ukrainian people and has the support of the West as well as the other members of the United Nations. Since Russia does not believe that the people of Ukraine should have their own choice of leadership, they have supported the separatists in their attempts to overthrow the current government by force.

We can't say for sure that Ukraine has to go through another tank battle, however, the recent war claims have shown that there is a huge tunnel that Ukraine will have to pass through in order to ensure peace in its region. The war depends on Ukrainian responsibility and the involvement of international actors that will have to ensure that the country does not get into this endless loop of battles and wars that will just escalate the entire process. Furthermore, prediction of wars and battles are just not an easy task for a common man to predict, however, the recent turn of effects clearly show that the war may escalate.

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