Still make use of the hour left this thanksgiving.


With a few hours left before thanksgiving is over, you can still make the best out of the remaining time left.

Thanksgiving is our big family celebration and holiday of the month and we like to focus on family and gratitude and, of course, turkeys and the bounty of the autumn harvest.

We’ve put together a list of Thanksgiving activities for kids that includes gratitude projects and exercises, creating with nature’s bounty, turkey arts and crafts, and a list of books about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

7 Turkey Arts and Crafts Activities

Because, let’s face it, the turkey ends up being the spokes bird for this holiday.

1. Experiment with different ways to draw turkeys

2. How to draw and paint a turkey step-by-step (on Deep Space Sparkle)

3. Make playdough turkeys (on Mama Papa Bubba)

4. Set up an art invitation to create paper turkeys (on Paper and Glue)

5. Make pinecone turkeys (on a Pumpkin and a Prince)

6. Print turkey tracks for a fun Thanksgiving art activity (on Fun-a-Day)

7. Make autumn leaf feather turkeys (on BabyCenter)

7 Gratitude Activities for Families

Being grateful for what we have makes everything better. Here are some ways to begin to instill thankfulness in our kids this month (and a good reminder for us adults who may forget how important this can be!).

1. Create a Thanksgiving fall leaf garland

2. Make a thankful bunting as a family Thanksgiving art activity

3. Make some gratitude rocks by starting with melted crayon rock art and using permanent markers to add words for what you are grateful for

4. Try these 10 gratitude drawing prompts for kids (on Let’s Lasso the Moon)

5. Make Thanksgiving Garlands for Kids with Finger Painted Hands

6. Make a thankful table with the kids (on Art Bar)

7. Print out these gratitude conversation starters (on Creative Family Fun)

5 More Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Here are some fun activities for this month and the holiday. Some are especially good when you have a houseful of people!

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1. Build towers and sculptures with toothpicks and cranberries or grapes!

2. Try one or more of these 13 November crafts and activities for families

3. If you have family and friends around for Thanksgiving, try one of these 11 simple kids activities for mixed ages

4. Keep the kids engaged with some Thanksgiving Mad Libs

5. Tell some Thanksgiving jokes

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids - Thanksgiving Printables for Kids

4 Thanksgiving Printables for Kids

Some fun free printables for the holiday…

1. Use these printable Thanksgiving placemats + gratitude activity (on Mama Papa Bubba)

2. Find and count the turkeys and squirrels in this free Thanksgiving I Spy printable (on Parenting Chaos)

3. Play a game of Thanksgiving bingo (on Crazy Little Projects)

4. Go on a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt (with printables on The Dating Divas)


4 Nature Arts & Crafts

Use the autumn bounty to create art, crafts, and decorations this month.

1. Make some land art with autumn leaves, sticks, and stones

2. Make a nature mobile with gathered materials and air dry clay

3. Create a simple DIY autumn leaf wreath

4. Create your nature diorama

6 Thanksgiving Recipes to Cook Together

These are fun autumnal recipes to cook together as a family.

1. bake a tasty apple bundt cake

2. Make a delicious cranberry upside-down cake

3. Bake some teddy bear bread together

4. Assemble a Thanksgiving turkey veggie tray (on Eating Richly)

5. Bake a turkey crust pumpkin pie (on Kudos Kitchen by Renee)

6. Or whip up these easy pumpkin pie bites (on Sugar Apron)

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