Video resumes are gaining popularity in 2022

Ida Pettersson

Fueled by COVID-lockdowns, the abundance of free video editing software, and a shift towards reliance on video software during the job application process, an alternative to the traditional paper resume is gaining popularity.

Video resumes are on the rise, and according to Dr. Dustin York, associate professor of communications at Maryland University, traditional resumes could be phased out in the future to be replaced with digital alternatives that give a more comprehensive overview of candidates and their backgrounds.

Data collected by LinkedIn shows that job seekers and employers have a similar idea of where the video resume trend is heading:

  • 61% of job seekers think that COVID has made it more difficult to stand out to recruiters
  • 57% of job seekers believe that a video would help them bring out their personality
  • 76% of hiring managers agree that receiving a video from a candidate would be helpful when making hiring decisions

Gen Z is embracing TikTok resumes

In social media marketing, videos aren’t just useful for promoting products. On the topic of TikTok resumes, York commented “Marketing and communication departments can find young talent the same way they monitor their current industry, social listening. . . . [A]sk yourself, 'Does this match with our organization's mission and goals?’”

Gen Z is quickly embracing video resumes and TikTok is one of the platforms they’ve started using to make their job applications unique.

As part of a pilot program to explore the possibility of expanding into career services, in July 2021 TikTok teamed up with several large corporations including Shopify, WWE and Target to allow users to apply for entry-level positions using 1-minute long video resumes.

The trial only lasted for a month, but it’s a testament to businesses’ increasing willingness to accept video resumes.

In addition to TikTok resumes, Gen Z is learning new skills such as video editing, how to start a podcast, and how to tailor their visual portfolios for the job search process.
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Tips for making a video resume

For those interested in jumping on this trend, here are a few guidelines to follow:

Don’t make your video too long - Hiring managers have a limited amount of time to spend on each candidate’s application. To make sure they watch yours until the end, don’t make your video too long. Between 30-90 seconds is enough.

Write down notes - You don’t want to come across as if you’re reading from a script, but preparing what to say will ensure that you don’t leave out any important information.

Highlight your qualifications - While a video resume is a good way to show some personality, don’t forget to bring up what skills and qualifications make you a suitable candidate for the job.

Learn using right tools - If you’re trying to showcase your video production skills, being able to operate camera equipment and demonstrating proficiency with video editing software is key. Using online learning platforms will also help you enhance your skills and knowledge which you can showcase in your video resume.

Ask a friend for feedback - When you write a traditional resume, it’s advised that you get someone to look it over for you. The same applies for video resumes.

Check out a free video resume maker - Video resume makers provide custom filters and backgrounds to help beginners quickly create applications that stand out.

Use your video as a supplement - While video resumes are gaining popularity, you should still know how to make a resume and craft a cover letter. Your video should act as a companion to the rest of your application, not a replacement.

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