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Covid-19 Vaccine: A Huntington Pediatrician Answers Your Questions


Huntington pediatrician Dr. Eve Krief answers questions about the Covid-19 vaccine, how a vaccine works, how it was developed so quickly and its safety.

If you are anything like me, you got emotional and even moved to tears while watching the rollout of the Covid vaccine to healthcare workers. I personally look forward to the day when I will be offered the opportunity to receive the vaccine. While most of us understand the importance of getting vaccinated if we are to overcome this pandemic , many understandably have questions and concerns.

Can we trust a vaccine that was developed so quickly? Can the MRNA in the vaccine incorporate into my DNA? Can I get Covid from the vaccine? Will children receive the vaccine?

Let’s first review how vaccines work. The immune system is incredibly complex and super impressive. I remember years ago being in immunology class thinking how our immune defenses are so very much like an elite military force readying for battle. Every day our bodies are exposed to 60,000 germs – from what we touch, breathe and eat. 


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