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2020 was the year parents from all over the world dipped their toes into the world of homeschooling.  There are many ways for a successful homeschool routine, and as a full time travelling family we've test driven a spectrum of options as our children get older.  From outdoor play and world schooling to Zoom sessions and a strict schedule there is not only one path to lead their education.  Here are a few online resources we found useful for assisting our homeschool curriculum.

ABC Mouse

Targeted at children between the ages of 2-8 years old, this is a perfect start for young learners who are just beginning their school journey.  Your child will have his or her own avatar and can self navigate through a map of lessons in all subjects including math, science, and reading.  There are fun games, holiday themes, and an engaging interface to entice them to move through the levelled learning.  Children win tickets for completing assignments which they can use to purchase things for their animated room and our pets.  Our kids can't get enough and honestly ask to "play" on this site daily.  There is a one month free trial and afterwards a monthly fee of $9.95.  We love that it is fun and safe allowing them to learn with minimal supervision, so great for those busy days.


This innovative concept is for students K-12 and can easily supplement a conventional school routine.  Founded in 2015, Outschool features over 10,000 live, video enabled classes.  The classes are in huge spectrum of subjects and levels and all taught in small groups online.  Your child can partake in academic subjects as well as more adventurous classes such as pet training, ballet with Frozen characters Elsa and Anna, or even wilderness survival.  Classes range in price and length of time depending on the instructor and they are all publicly rated so you can read reviews before paying.  This is a great way for children to socialize and engage despite being at home and also allow others to teach your child within your homeschool curriculum.  No monthly rate means you don't have to commit to using it long term if you are only temporarily homeschooling.


Twinkl features a huge database of educational resources ideal for assisting parents and educators in building a curriculum. You'll find a whole spectrum of assignments available in all subjects, grades, and even culturally appropriate to your region. The resources are constantly updated with new printables, holiday themed packets, and app friendly interactive books.  The variety is endless and you'll be able to locate academic worksheets alongside colouring challenges or fun games for your children. There is a small monthly or yearly rate, but completely worth it if you need a school curriculum to use at home.

This Reading Mama

We credit this website for being a huge part in teaching our daughter to read by age four.  A blog founded by a fellow homeschooling mother with a variety of free resources.  By signing up to her newsletter you gain entry into a database of complimentary printables which assist with alphabet, phonics, sight words, and worksheets which are perfect for beginner readers.  We found all the worksheets easy to use and very encouraging for parents who are just starting their homeschool journey.  She also has learning apps and packets you can purchase that concentrate on specific subjects or have seasonal themes to create variety in your homeschool curriculum.

Khan Academy

A non profit organization that offers free online learning to children all over the world.  This innovative concept depends on donations and delivers world class courses in all subjects through online learning.  They have teaching tools for teachers and home educators, personalised curriculums, and even test preparation.  They accommodate for students from K-14 and have their online resources translated into over 36 languages.  The mission is to provide world class education to children everywhere ensuring anyone can learn for free.  The Khan Academy Kids App is a fun way for toddlers and early learners starting their homeschool journey and the best part is no ads or pop-ups while they learn.

Gus on the Go

Are you a bilingual household or live in a foreign country? We love Gus on the Go, a fun and easy app that encourages kids to learn another language.  My family is Taiwanese so we often visit and our children are constantly immersed in Mandarin.  The Gus on the Go Mandarin app has supplemented their vocabulary and helped them retain and build upon what they have already absorbed during their visits.  The format and voices are fun and engaging and our kids enjoy the lessons as much as any game on their iPads.  At only $3.99 per language we suggest you purchase each one before visiting a new country to get them excited about interacting in the destination's native tongue.

Leo the Wildlife Ranger

Subscribe to this Youtube Channel if your kids love animals as much as ours do.  Instead of allowing them watch mindless screen time, Leo the Wildlife Ranger teaches them about animals all over the world.  The animated videos concentrate on certain species and give plenty of interesting facts.  We always have interesting family conversations after each episode and have even found ourselves learning from the nature filled channel.

Montessori Print Shop

If you're a Montessori parent or just interested in implementing aspects of it into your home, this website has plenty of printable resources and advice to help you on your journey.  There are free resources as well as 2200 printables for sale in their shop.  Download reading materials, art bundles, and even cultural learning tools.  They often have sales with many bundles that are less than $5.

Reading Eggs

A fun and interactive program for early readers.  The website and app includes reading games and activities that truly interest and engage children and give them a huge amount of guidance to build upon their reading skills.  It's ideal for those who are starting out with phonics or are getting frustrated when children aren't moving forward with their reading comprehension.  Children get incentives and rewards encouraging them to continue and get excited about hitting their goals.  We love it as a supplement for our reading and writing curriculum and it's an easy game which they can play on busy travel days.

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