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Do you ever visit a city without checking out a few of its most popular coffee shops? We are always on the lookout for the best spot for the first cup of the day and criteria can range from the most fragrant single origin beans to the best hangover curing menu, and an Instagram worthy corner table. Here are a few cafes which tick all the boxes in some of our favourite cities around the world.


YND239-20 cafe (2D Cafe), Seoul South Korea

  • Step into a cartoon world and enjoy your coffee while snapping Insta perfect photos in a real life comic book. The cafe's commitment to their 2D landscape is impressive and makes for a unique and hilarious experience. Everything from the walls and tables to coffee cups and plates are all exaggerated in black and white flat lines, and don't worry the rich and strong lattes don't disappoint. Share a slice of cake with your Instagram boyfriend and snap away. There will most likely be people waiting for a table, so it is not the most relaxed or leisurely visit, but you'll have very unique photos to remember your trip to Seoul.

Sey Coffee, Brooklyn New York

  • Minimal design, an abundance of natural light, and an array of succulents in an industrial space are the optimal combination for an #ootd backdrop. This micro roastery is not just stylish but serves some of the best and most fragrant coffee in Brooklyn. The beans are all single origin and they serve everything from batch brew and single brewed cups to just a humble iced latte. If you are a true connoisseur order a flight board which comes complete with a glass of sparkling water for palette cleansing. Don't worry if you don't know anything about coffee, we thought the flight board set up in the sunlight was just the right fit for our Instagram grid.

General Porpoise, Seattle Washington

  • Tempting sweets and coffee go so well together and we love the combo of sugary doughnuts and freshly brewed coffee at General Porpoise. The large marble countertop, exposed white brick wall, and eclectic pink accents make the space aesthetically pleasing and you will find plenty of space to lounge and relax in the large cafe. The cafe draws patrons of all ages and plenty of locals who can't get enough of those jelly and custard filled doughnuts. They serve pour over, drip, and draft cold brew so don't miss a visit even if it is just for a quick takeout.

Bongen, Tokyo Japan

  • Tokyo has no shortage of amazing cafes but we loved the unique concept at Bongen, located in the stylish Ginza district. The tiny minimal entrance is easy to miss but you'll be instantly drawn to the simple and sleek typically Japanese design centered around a single spotlit bonsai tree. The creative feature of this cafe is they serve coffee alongside onigiri, the classic Japanese rice ball. You can order hand drip, matcha, and even soy lattes. Pair your drink with the signature “espresso topped with mitarashi dango (dumplings with sweet starch sauce)," for a tasty and interesting coffee shop experience.

EL&N Cafe, London United Kingdom

  • If pink is your favourite colour or you're still loving pastels on your Instagram feed then a visit to EL&N London is a must. They have locations all over the city, but we think the Brompton Road venue might be our favourite. It really doesn't get more girly than a oversized heart flower display, plush velvet couches in a delicate baby pink, and platters of cake piped with artful clouds of frosting. Take friends so you can fill your marble table with delectable treats and don't leave without a millennial pink reusable coffee cup or water bottle from the gift shop.

LuBar, Milan Italy

  • This Sicilian cafe at the heart of Milan is one of the most opulent cafes we've seen to date. The interiors are made to fill fashion magazines with classic windows romantically draped in pastel curtains, white marble bistro tables set upon stone flooring, and a meticulous collection of towering plants that stylishly adorn the entire space. Located in the city's Modern Art Gallery the establishment feels both grand and historic. They serve everything from a delectable brunch and Sicilian fare to just coffee and a cannelloni. Wear your best outfit and people watch in one of the most fashionable cities in the world.

Cafe de Flore, Paris France

  • A Parisian institution, Cafe de Flore is the place to see and be seen. Located in stylish St. Germain, this long running cafe/bistro has often been a celebrity haunt and a favourite of the fashion set. You can't go wrong with their cafe creme paired with an omelette or croque monsieur, or do like the locals and enjoy a long afternoon with a carafe de vin while elegantly perched at one of the outdoor tables. We love this spot for people watching and just soaking up Paris' unique je ne sais quois.

Holy Matcha, San Diego California

  • Frequently garnering likes on Instagram, this famous pink facade is the ideal spot to grab that iconic matcha latte. The exteriors, interiors, and accents are all a glaring shade of millennial pink and the strategically placed plants are ready to pop off a Pinterest moodboard. The cafe has their own ceremonial matcha, a refreshing matcha latte, and even a drink named The Hulk which is a mix of matcha and maca powders. Pair yours with a soft serve ice cream for the ideal sunny day treat.

Kynd Community, Bali Indonesia

  • Vegan, plant based, and beautifully designed, Kynd Community is a must stop if you are looking to glimpse a slice of Bali's expat cafe culture. Their salads, breakfast plates, and veggie burgers are almost too beautiful to eat and you can't miss the personalised smoothie bowls for a photo opportunity. The boho meets Canggu interiors are reason enough to visit alone and the ethos behind the cafe will keep you coming back for more. They also have a sister cafe called "GIVE" which donates all profits to Indonesian charities. Grab a reusable water bottle or bamboo straw on your way out and remember to continue to be kind to the Earth even after your visit.

Dinosaur Coffee, Los Angeles California

  • If you have kids they'll love the theme, but the laidback, Scandi inspired space will please any millennial. A single line drawing of a stegosaurus adorns every cup and the interiors are just as minimal. White topped bar stools, careful wood accents, and a simple fin shaped carving above the rounded counter. Coffee comes from San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee Roasters and every cup is served with just the right amount of latte art. A perfect hipster stop in the Silverlake area.

We hope a few of these will make it on your list of favourite cafes and would love to hear which ones you think we should check out.

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