Breaking Promises in a Relationship: 7 Reasons and Ways to Deal with Broken Promises in a Relationship

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In this article, we will be discussing breaking promises in a relationship. The reasons and ways to deal with broken promises in a relationship.

Two adults must put emotion, time, and trust into their relationship. This will enable them to cohabit or maintain a relationship.

Mutual trust and respect are frequently the cornerstones of long-lasting relationship. This is because they give you and your spouse a sense of confidence in one another. However, violating commitments in a relationship can have a detrimental impact on this trust. In some cases, can permanently harm the relationship, particularly if it happens frequently enough.

Because they desire to make other people happy, many people make promises. It’s not always about wanting to make other people happy, though.

When they realise they were overly enthusiastic or poorly organised, they end up betraying their commitments. But it seems like they never absorb the message.

To be honest, some people can be a little bit self-centered. They merrily make promises here and there, without really knowing if they’ll be able to keep them. They really don’t worry about how empty or broken promises might affect others.

A broken promise leaves the other party feeling uneasy and lack of trust. The damage it causes is not simply repaired. In addition to making it difficult for them to ever trust you again, it also leaves a gap.

7 Reasons For Broken Promises In A Relationship.


This justification for violated promises is typical. Anyone with moral fiber or integrity would never want to betray a promise they have made. Some people make promises with the purpose of keeping them. They may easily become distracted by other matters and fail to do so. These people are notorious for their immaturity and weak sense of morality.


People make mistakes. Frequently these errors are the result of a momentary lack in attention on the side of the person. A commitment can be broken carelessly in a matter of seconds, thereby complicating a partnership. In the event that you are the victim of a broken promise, it is crucial to keep this in mind.

Keep in mind that the broken promise was not intended to hurt you; your spouse may just not have been thinking at the time. By doing so, you can put the error behind you and strengthen your partnership going forward.

A lack of regard

Lack of respect is one of the reasons people breach vows they have made to their spouses. Lack of respect results from an imbalance in a relationship, which is frequently fueled by the aforementioned selfishness of one partner.

Each individual will go against the wants of the other and not listen to the other’s thoughts if there is not a healthy degree of respect between two people who are attempting to live together.

They lack the ability to refuse.

One reason people lie or hurriedly make a promise they can’t keep is that they lack the assertiveness to say “I can’t” or “no.” This person will take on so many responsibilities that they won’t be able to keep up since they are so committed to their relationship and will do anything to keep them.

Take it a little easier on them if you know your spouse or partner is the type of person who can’t say no or strives to please you excessively. particularly when it is obvious that they are coping with a lot. Perhaps before telling them to do something, first inquire about their day or agenda, so that if they can accomplish it or not, you’ll know.

Difficulties related to self-esteem

Most frequently, not unrelated to self-esteem difficulties, breaking vows in a relationship is one of the reasons why people do so. If you and the person you met online have been corresponding for some time and decide to meet up on the weekend at a predetermined restaurant, he or she may agree at that time, but perhaps a day later, he or she texts or calls to say that something came up. 

They may have a severe lack of self-esteem in this situation because they are probably concerned about your perception of them in real life.

Many people have broken pledges as a result of this rationale. It’s crucial to remember, though, that most of the time these promises were made from the heart and with no thought of breaking or failing to maintain them.

Personal matters

Everyone has concerns or duties they would rather avoid, but even if they are aware of them, they often choose to keep them to themselves. This isn’t really an excuse, though, because the sooner a person expresses their limitations or anxieties, the better it will be for the other person to comprehend them.

Imagine being in a relationship with someone who dislikes animals, doesn’t like to swim, or has a fear of heights. Each time you two schedule one of these activities, such as going to the beach, swimming, flying, or visiting the zoo, you’ll notice that he or she always feels reluctant and ends up coming up with justifications for why they can’t attend.

They frequently say they’ll do things, but then they’ll change their minds and not show up. This is common for those who are attempting to be braver, more outgoing, or even more helpful but are not quite there yet.

Feeling self-sufficient

Some people do not like the concept of being in charge of another person, so they behave in a way that only benefits them. These people are frequently not very good at helping others. They might not, however, publicly declare that they won’t.

Imagine requesting that your partner abstain from alcohol while he goes out with the guys tonight. While at home, he agrees to it, but as soon as he is with the boys, he instantly breaks his word.

In the end, a guy who feels like you’re trying to control him, manipulate him, or make him do something he doesn’t want to do is more likely to breach that commitment.

7 ways to deal with broken promises in a relationship.

Talk about the circumstances with your partner.

Healthy and lasting relationships are formed through healthy and open communication between two individuals, in addition to trust and respect. Therefore, the first thing you should do if one of you breaks a promise is to discuss it with the other.

You’ll discover the causes of the broken promise in this way, which will help you both comprehend one another better. Just keep it courteous the entire time, and make sure you’re both ready to listen to each other.

Even though having this talk can be difficult, it can strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Consider the broken promise for a moment.

It is best to take some time to analyze the broken promise before you or your partner label each other as someone who breaks their word.

Such inquiries as “Was the promise realistic?” are possible. Or did you or they genuinely value its maintenance?

In addition to this, it would be best to think about how frequently you or your partner made hollow promises during previous relationships. Is this a recurring phenomenon or an isolated incident?

You can determine the origin of the problem and take proactive steps to solve it by responding to questions like these and others. This will help you and your partner move forward.

Together, come up with solutions.

Even if breaking commitments in a relationship may endanger it, there are still things you can do to prevent it. Therefore, it would be great if you and your partner used this time to talk about potential remedies to this problem and how to keep it from happening again, in addition to why either of you did what you did.

For instance, you can set up procedures to make sure that neither of you agrees to anything you can’t totally support. You can also talk about what would happen if it happened again. Not only will doing so assist you in setting boundaries in your relationship, but it may also assist you in gradually regaining that lost trust.

Become more honest going forward.

It would be great if you and your partner adopted an honesty policy as you move past this occurrence to avoid being seen as someone who doesn’t follow through on their word. You may avoid making promises you can’t keep and restore any lost faith by being honest.

In fact, being truthful can help you stop any long-term harm to your relationship, even in situations where you’ve already agreed but discovered that you couldn’t follow through on your pledge. Although your spouse will be unhappy, they will probably respect your honesty much more.

Consult a specialist for assistance.

Promises can be broken for a variety of reasons in a relationship, from honest errors to more serious problems that have an impact on the partnership. Although mistakes that result in broken promises may frequently be fixed with open and honest conversation, other problems are more difficult to handle on your own.

It might be preferable for you and your spouse to seek professional assistance in this situation, especially if one of you frequently breaks relationship commitments.

Your partner’s conduct may have underlying causes, which a knowledgeable therapist can help you and your partner understand and address.

Let go and move on.

People make errors in relationships, so it’s crucial to be able to forgive and forget if your partner made a commitment that was later broken. The happiest people in relationships are those who have been able to let go of any malice or animosity that has accrued in the past as a result of errors committed by their partners.

Ensure that you spend time together.

Some couples find that by spending more time together, they may overcome the issues brought on by broken promises. This is because it emphasizes the reasons you and your partner are together by serving as a constant reminder of the reasons you are in love.

Make sure you are spending quality time with each other for this strategy to succeed. Don’t only watch TV; turn off your phone. Try your hardest to have fun with one another.


Make it a goal to improve if you or your spouse haven’t been particularly successful at keeping your word in the past. Ideally, you can work on this together, but even if you only focus on changing yourself, your partner and relationship will probably start to change as well. You can give each other a wonderful gift by being and having a trustworthy companion. Additionally, you’ll also feel good about yourself.

Do you have any experience of breaking promises in a relationship in the past? Please feel free to share in the comment section below, and if you are new here, remember to register and follow my page for more updates like this.

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