Lost working efficiency and its regeneration


Rest for your mind

Duration of work can seriously influence your body, whether it is mental labor or manual work. For those who perform manual work, to have a good night's rest or to read a favorite book is mostly sufficient. For knowledge workers, it is far more difficult. Have you ever noticed that after a long and routine work you are weary and have a desire to do nothing? Constant drowsiness and a minimum of positive emotions manifest themselves. In today's article, we will provide you with several ways of how we can reload our brain and you will be able to choose the option that reflects your interests and tastes.

Physical exercises

Each of us knows that a healthy body means a healthy mind. Devote several hours of the day to stretching, swimming or jogging. In such interesting and exciting activities, it is crucial not to strain your muscles. Your movements have to be gentle and smooth. And don't forget about breathing. You have to breathe effortlessly. It is important to exercise outside, for the oxygen to circulate in your blood. 10 to 15 minutes of such training can help you to relax your body and mind and to get rid of tiredness. Yoga can become a great way to relieve your fatigue. Depending on your level of training and health condition, you can choose techniques that will help you to relax and have a rest - both mentally and physically. Before training, you have to read carefully about the contraindications. If there aren't any, you are free to start training. You can train either at home or outside (given the weather conditions are appropriate and you have sportswear).

Physical exercises


There are some biologically active points on our body that are connected to the brain. They are found on palms, ears, soles of the feet, and on fingertips. By doing self-massage, you can achieve quite good results. Despite its difficulty, this activity is very effective. In India people who suffer from epilepsy or insomnia heal themselves with the massage of the soles of their feet. Taoists believe the palm massage to be the key secret of longevity and good health (the technique lies in rolling quite heavy balls ‘Dragon’ and ‘Phoenix’).

A great many biologically active points are located on lips and genitals. While making love to their partner, one can also relieve fatigue and tension. And on top of all that, add a lot of pleasure and bursts of positive emotions. It is scientifically proven that touching and hugging can relieve stress and recharge your body.

Outdoor recreation

Fishing, having a picnic or spending a day at your favorite beach are great options for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to relish the natural beauty. This approach will help you to restore the workability of your brain and will motivate you to achieve new goals. On the principle that brain cells relax and don't have a normal load, while the cells that aren't used in everyday life get activated, full restoration and activating of your brain occurs. At this moment you can notice a burst of energy or you can even make a discovery or solve a problem that had been in need of a solution for a long time.


Relaxing by doing - Ugears 3D mechanical puzzles

If you are a fan of ingenious and exciting activities, then the assembly of puzzles will help you! During the process of assembly your logical thinking, creative and intellectual skills are being developed. Also, fine motor skills are required, which also have an impact on your speech. This method will help you to clear your head after routine working days, it's also some kind of protection from the nervous breakdown and apathy.

Ugears models are secure and hypoallergenic. Constructions are reliable and have an attractive appearance. Wooden models for adults will be a great option for clearing your head. Without leaving home you can assemble an amazing structure and also relax.

There are a lot of Ugears model kits but one particular kit won my heart recently. Mechanical 3D puzzle ‘Safe’ is the model that will awaken your feelings and joyful reminiscences. The safe has a three-digit coded lock, so you don't have to worry about security.

In my opinion, it's an ideal present and a great piece of entertainment. If you want to use the set as a present, you can put inside a surprise and invite your friends to play a game of ‘safecrackers’. The idea of the game is that the person has to figure out what's inside the box by listening to the sound inside or by rolling the handle at random. If the intrigue prolongs, you can open the coded lock.

The model is for autonomous assembly that doesn't require any glue or other tools.

Conclusions and recommendations

Don't forget about your needs and devote some time to your recreation. Don't overexert your brain and remember that rest is an important part of our life. Tiredness and low workability will firstly reflect on you, and then on others. Do you want to feel vigor, easiness and receive positive emotions? Then, let your brain relax and after that, your life will become full of goodness and your productivity will increase rapidly!

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