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Hoppy Boston has now joined the NewsBreak network and I thought I would give a little introduction to myself and what you can expect from this column.
Hoppy Boston

About Me: My name is Ryan, I am a craft beer enthusiast originally from Maine and now living in the Boston suburbs. I've always been fascinated by the diverse flavors in craft beer, which led me to learn everything I could about beer and brewing. I even spent some time as a homebrewer, although I haven't brewed much since my kids were born. In addition to beer I also like to geek out about my other passions including science (my "real job" is as a PhD chemist working on developing new cancer treatments), Boston sports, 90's rock music, video games, fantasy novels, and Star Wars. I spend most of my free time going on adventures with my wife and two sons.

I've been writing and running the linked Twitter/Instagram/Facebook sites for almost 8 years, with the goal of finding all of the best beers being produced in New England, and sharing my favorite finds with my readers.

Types of articles you will find from Hoppy Boston:

Beer Reviews: Many of my articles will be about a specific beer, usually mixing some information about the brewery, beer style, personal anecdotes, plus tasting notes and a rating. My ratings tend to be high, I want my review articles to be recommendations, so if I find a beer to be mediocre or worse I usually won't write about it. I also hate to wait in line or drive for hours to find a beer, so the majority of beers I review will be readily accessible for Boston-area readers.

Beer Thoughts/Links: This is a popular monthly feature where I recap all of the major news in local and national craft beer, link to important articles, and give my thoughts on the important topics of the day. I usually post this around the end of each month.

Reactions to big stories: Occasionally a big story will break that requires it's own article.

Brewery profiles: Longer-form articles that include information about the brewery and a run down of my favorote beers that they brew.

Hodgepodge: There will also be other random articles, all related to craft beer, that could be almost anything.

I hope you all enjoy reading Hoppy Boston on NewsBreak, feel free to follow here and on social media, and reach out with suggestions, ideas, or thoughts.


Ryan @HoppyBoston

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Hoppy Boston is a website and series of social media accounts that highlights the great craft beer being produced in New England. Articles include beer reviews, brewery profiles, industry news and notes, and much more.

Boston, MA

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Tree House Brewing Doubleganger Double IPA

I think it is crucial for every brewery to have a "calling card" style, a beer style or set of styles that they consistently excel at. If your brewery make awesome pale lagers, saisons, or sours than fans of that style will become regular customers, and will eventually try the other beers you create. While the vast majority of local breweries make NEIPAs, and a shockingly large number make more versions of this style than all other beers combined, there are few that make them consistently great. With the need to constantly rotate in "new" IPAs even some quality breweries have duds in the mix or struggle to maintain quality batch-to-batch. While Tree House brews beer in a variety of different styles, NEIPAs are their calling card, people aren't waiting in line just to buy their brown ale or ESB. I have been especially impressed with Tree House's double IPAs, they make a massive number of different DIPAs and many are exceptionally well done, hitting the right balance between huge hop flavor and easy drinkability for a big beer. I am clearly not the only one who enjoys what Tree House is putting out, in addition to their massive expansions at their Charlton brewery they are opening two new locations in Deerfield and Sandwich. One Tree House DIPA I grabbed on a recent stop at the brewery was Doubleganger, a massively hopped version of Doppleganger (which is the imperial version of Alter Ego, one of their popular "single" IPAs). Tree House Doubleganger is available on a rotating basis on draft and in 16 oz cans.

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