How to Publish Your First Book

Hope Moquin

Before you even think of editing your book once you type your final word... don't.

I mean it, don't. Take a breath. Go celebrate.

And let your book sit for a week or so.

In this week, consume yourself with anything but writing. Take a break, seriously. Your work has finished and it is time to celebrate it! This gives your mind time to refresh and your eyes something to do other than stare at the words you've spent months typing. After you have celebrated, before you take another step we need to go over this. Formatting your manuscript.

Whether you go through a company to publish or you are self-publishing your book, formatting is crucial. If you have no idea what this means, it’s okay. Let me give you some practical tips when it comes to formatting:

Use Times Roman font

Use 11-point or 12-point

Do not put extra spaces between your paragraphs (looks sloppy)

Be sure to indent your paragraphs Use only black color text

Create a header with the title and the page number. The header should appear on each page.

Be sure to double space your manuscript

After you have checked off those boxes, we can talk about editing.

You are an Author now. And just as any other professional, the editors you need are not going to be free. You will need to research this a few weeks before your deadline is of finishing your book so you are able to hire one in advance. Then at the same time, allowing them an appropriate amount of time to review your book.

Depending on the length you land on for your book, you will spend a minimum of $300 and can go up to several thousand dollars for an editor. This is something to keep in mind for budgeting.

Unless you are extremely confident in yourself to catch all of the errors, you can always self-edit. If you go this route, I highly encourage you to take your time and to go through your entire book at least THREE times. This is a big deal.

After deciding on your editing process comes the really exciting part. CHOOSING A TITLE.

Your title, along with your book cover, has a goal that is to grab the attention of anyone who would glance at it. This is your readers first impression of who you are, what you are about, and what you can give to them.

This is where your creativity and your personality gets a big spotlight. And I don't want to make you stress, but it does need to be good. It needs to be different and it needs to stand out. When someone reads your title it needs to leave the reader saying, "I need to know more about this".

Some people choose their book title before they even start writing and that is totally allowed, too. I had my title before I even really knew I wanted to write. Either way. It's whatever works for you. After the title, what comes next? Yes. A book cover.

I love all of you but please don't try and create a cover by yourself if you really don't know what you're doing. This is your book and this is going to be a reflection of who you are. You don't want something subpar or sloppy when you could have just spent a little bit of money for something excellent. The importance of reaching out to a professional book cover designer is huge and shouldn't be overlooked

A cover is what FIRST grabs the attention and your title is what will convince the reader to read more. First things first. You need a website. This is not an optional idea. You need one.

Your website is where you create your brand and share with readers who you are. It's always where you invite people in and let them know why they should even read your book. Ultimately, your website is your home online and where people will go when they want to follow you and find out more about you. If you're serious about your book and you believe in what you just wrote, you need a website. Period. Whether we like it or not, we need an audience to be bought in.

Your site will be a space for your writing where readers can learn about your work. A website for your book will need to contain these things:

About Me

Photos of you

A contact page

Quotes from your book

A link to buy your book

Social media links

This doesn't have to be long and you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars of this. It can just be a simple page with all these points added in.

Next, it's time to be giving. The most necessary marketing tool that you really need is this: Ask for help. You are going to buy multiple of extra copies to send out and give away. You are going to buy a handful for your friends. I know asking for help may be extremely out of your comfort zone but when it comes to marketing your first book, pride is something that you cannot welcome in.

Find a few people who you know that have a greater following than you do. Send them a free book and ask them to post about it promote it. People want to help you. Understand that. It just takes you asking.

Another strategy you can use is Amazon Ads. You can sell your book on Amazon, you can also promote it there, too. On buying advertising, you will need to choose the sponsored product ads option. A pay- per-click ad allows you to reach Amazon users who use keywords that are related to your book. This is gold. Website. Free copies. Ads. Simple as that.

My advice for anyone who is just starting their journey would be this. Use your ache to stand you back up on your feet. A lot of times, when we experience hardship, pain, or letdown. It’s in our human nature to shrink back and unintentionally feel bad for ourselves. It's not bad to feel these things, we're human.

But we need to take control of our emotions and keep moving forward. I’d encourage you to let your hardship be your intense motivation. Because hardship means you’re doing something right.

I’d say to any set of eyes reading this to determine what you value and what you’re passionate about. When you know what you value, you will know what decisions to make.

When you know what you’re passionate about, you will always know how to keep yourself on the right track when life comes knocking at you hard. Just start typing.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just start. Give it all you have. Run full speed. Just keep going.

Even if you trip a few times along the way, just keep going. Don't overthink it. It's not "Too Late" to start. You're not under-qualified.

If you have passion, you are the perfect candidate.

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