Abandoned 120 year old home discovered recently still standing!

We recently discovered an old abandoned house still standing 120 or so year later. It was miles back in the woods far from modern civilization. We found object around this old home that had been undisturbed serving as a makeshift time capsule to what life was like all of those years ago.

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Our team is focused on making History fun for all ages. The team is headed up by Reality TV personality Heath Jones. We cover various topics from metal detecting for historical relics, genealogy, and even exploring the outdoors in search of lost history. We take you along for the adventure all over the United States and plan to expand worldwide in the future. You could be standing on a relic buried a few inches under the surface right now that could change history and never realize it. Our goal is to show you those items and contribute to the human story that makes up History.

Birmingham, AL

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