Evidence of a true Gold Legend?

The abandoned bridge lost gold mystery is one step close to being solved. We received information years ago about a creepy abandoned bridge that was sometimes referred to as the broken bridge gold legend / mystery. This bridge was originally built in 1926 and during the building a large gold vein was uncovered during construction according to the legend. During the construction process TNT accidentally went off and caused a collapse that covered the rest of the gold. This bridge is about 3 miles from the largest producing gold mine in the state of Alabama. In this video we record our exploring adventure of discovering this dangerous bridge and take the risk of metal detecting under it. We find everything from silver coins and even gold in this video.

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Our team is focused on making History fun for all ages. We cover various topics from metal detecting for historical relics, genealogy, and even exploring the outdoors in search of lost history. We take you along for the adventure all over the United States and plan to expand world wide in the future. You could be standing on a relic buried a few inches under the surface right now that could change history and never realize it. Our goal is to show you those items and contribute to the human story that makes up History.

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