Zelenskyy Calls US Sanctions 'Half-measures', Want Them to Be Like Nuclear Weapons

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Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged countries worldwide not to take 'half-measures' to end the conflict by asking for harsher sanctions against the Russian Federation. Zelenskyy told Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami that sanctions are "new state-of-the-art weaponry" and that the world needs to use all-powerful penalties against Russia to stop the war.

"Sanctions, like nuclear weapons, should be like the most advanced weaponry in the world. The Russian Federation must be subjected to a slew of penalties, all of which must be severe. To the countries that have imposed it on Russia, I am grateful.

However, stop pretending you care about Ukraine while avoiding the loss of all Russian business links. It's time to stop taking half measures. Half measures are what the Russian Federation perceives as its "weakness," "Zelenskyy acknowledged.

Need Weapons for Peace: Zelenskyy

Ukraine needs more heavy weaponry, according to Zelenskyy, if the world is serious about ending this conflict. However, he also underlined that Ukraine's need for more weapons was exclusively to safeguard its territory, drive out the aggressor, and not carry out any attack on Russian territory.

The President referred to NATO's snub of a no-fly zone over Ukraine as a "snub." "If you can't defend us, at least provide us with the tools. Let us use this just in our area so that they don't have to worry about us using it in Russia. If the world is serious about ending this conflict, it must provide us with these big weapons. Rather than conquering any part of Russia, we want these on our soil, not any other, "said President Zelenskyy.

"Without heavy weapons, this war would be more difficult. We'd be repelling their attacks and they'd try again after repairs. Our country, without heavy weapons, would be in a longer war. We are not willing to surrender, without the weapons the war will be a longer process," he added. 

He also made it a point to highlight that Ukraine required more armaments to 'defend what is ours,' affirming that the country had no plans to attack Russian territory.

“We are not seeking to take Russian territory. We want what is ours. We shall not use weaponry to strike Russian cities and territories. We have never utilized weaponry to target the Russian federation. We have been employing firearms to protect. They are generating phony videos,” the Ukrainian President told Arnab Goswami.

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