We've been saving up and planning for our move to the country for years. We bought our property in December of 2018, knowing we would not be able to return to it until a few years later. In March 2020 we took the leap and relocated to our 20 acres of oak trees lost in the pines of Florida's panhandle and left the city life behind. On our channel we document the journey of arriving at our piece of land and building everything up from scratch, with all the learning that comes with "on-the-job" training. From building infrastructure, over animal husbandry and gardening, we are doing it all and taking you along with us in our videos. Join us as we start from scratch building our own little piece of heaven. You can email us at hidden.oaks.homestead@gmail.com Join our online community on fb: https://www.facebook.com/HiddenOaksHomestead Join us on IG: @hiddenoakshomestead