Fabrication Illness For Attention


I have been wanting to share this story with everyone. A story that touched my heart, even knowing that its not the actually story. It made me wonder the level people go on the online world, the fakeness they become for attention. This story will be said in English if anyone wish to be then written in English
Urdu I am more then happy too.

The story starts with a girl name Khudi, a girl who was very smart and very talkative. She took no time to make her place in the chatroom. She become very close with the owner name TiNkKaBelL. She use to be online day and night and hardly took any rest. She began to manage the chatroom, and as always being a girl she had most users being her fan.

As days and weeks went past TiNkKaBelL was getting very concern about her activeness online without a rest. She began to ask her weather she eat and to take rest. Khudi’s reply always was that sister i am not able to sleep, nor eat, i am very unwell. When ever TiNkKaBelL asked her what she eat she always use to say “bread & butter”. This started to raise concern for TiNkKaBelL, and started to request her to take some time out of chat and take rest, seek medical attention as it was not normal. Khudi always refused and stated that she finds happiness in the chatroom chatting to everyone.

Weeks went pass like that, when one day she privately messaged her about her personal like. Khudi claimed that she was and unwanted child and that her father left her mother as she was a girl. Her mother then got remarried, and she now lived with her step family. She is sick and no one take care of her. She is locked up in one room so she dont have anything else to do but to chat.

TiNkKaBelL when heard her story she become very attached. The care for her become more deep. She felt that she need to take care of her. Khudi claimed she is also abused by her step family neglected by her mother. She claimed that she have blood running down her nose.

This then become a concern for TiNkKaBelL and she started to say look if u need money or help then tell me i will arrange something for you. Few weeks later with constant pressure by TiNkKaBelL she then agreed to get medication help.

Came back and said she had blood cancer. TiNkKaBelL was broken down to hear that, as she was very fond of Khudi. Even the chatroom users hear all this were very upset and felt that they wanted to help her.

Then oneday she stop coming in the chatroom. days went past, this turned to weeks and then months. Khudi was no where to been seen. Everyone had given up hope thinking that maybe just maybe she did not make it. It was the saddest thought for months the users of that chatroom continued to talk about her.

TiNkKaBelL being a chat owner and a developer was called in one room to fix something. when she went there to her shock, Khudi was there. TiNkKaBelL did not express that she knew her at all as she went is a total different ID. out of interest TiNkKaBelL decided to ask question about this user in that room. Funny all were saying the same story how sick she is and all and that she been in this chatroom for many month.

This was a shocking point for TiNkKaBelL as a person on last stage cancer how was it possible for last 8 month she is chatting and stating the same illness in her new ID Haniya. The same story was repeated in many rooms and many users were claiming that she was mad.

She still today continues to join rooms to rooms and get attention with her fabricated illness for attention. The real truth is that she is not sick at all. She just mentally sick an need help,

Let me know what you think, have you come across such people who play with others for attention

Story by : HHBCHATS TinkkaBelL

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