Philosophy of Time and Space

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Space and Time both holds a different place in the world of philosophy. They both have their value and aspect in the expertise. Time and space both have their own branch in philosophy. The branch deals with the problems within epistemology, ontology and its own characters.
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The expertise has always been both an inspiration and a middle aspect for the early analytic philosophy. The attention of the part of philosophy is on:

  1. If the actuality of space and time are independent of the mind.
  2. Whether they're not dependent on each other as well.
  3. The multiple dimensions of time exists or not.

Our Ancestors on Space and Time Philosophy:

People in the ancient age have talked about the expertise, no matter at what place and how evolved they were. Here, we're going to talk about two places which give us a brief idea about the philosophy of time and space.

  1. Ancient Egypt: One of the oldest philosophy was proposed by Ptahhotep. Ptahhotep was an ancient Egyptian thinker who stated,“Follow your desire as long as you live, and do not perform more than is ordered, don't lessen the time of the following desire, for the wasting of time is an abomination to the spirit”.
  2. Ancient India: In one of the oldest texts of Hindu philosophy, known as The Vedas. It was written between 2000BC to 1001 BC. And it stated that the universe spends its life through many cycles of life like, The Birth, Death, and Rebirth. And each cycle lasts for 4,320,000 years.

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