Avatar 2: Pandora continues to unveil itself in a new picture

Herve Mouyal

The producer Jon Landau has just revealed on his Instagram account a new photo of the aquatic universe of Pandora in Avatar 2.


More than ten years after the first instalment release in 2009, Avatar 2 continues to make the news, without ever showing off too much either. Since their announcements, the sequels of James Cameron's cult film have been constantly postponed, most recently because of the Covid-19 pandemic that has turned the Disney release schedule upside down, including Avatar 2, whose release was postponed to December 2022.

And we don't know much about this sequel at the moment, except that it will further explore the aquatic universe of Pandora, mostly around, above and underwater. This has been confirmed again recently by impressive photos of the shooting when Kate Winslet broke apnea records and also recently shared a rather amusing anecdote about the shooting.

The feature film, still far from being seen by the spectators, thus continues its small promotion before a trailer in the coming months (at best).

Thus, producer Jon Landau shared a new photo unpublished on his Instagram account, a concept art more precisely, revealing a new and unpublished scenery, namely the Metkayina village. An illustration that is part of the Behind Pandora series, initiated by the producer and James Cameron, consists of presenting the work of an artist among the universe's designers. The concept art is therefore accompanied by a small legend written by Jon Landau :


"Tomorrow, as part of our Behind Pandora series, we will present concept artist Jonathan Bach. Before that, I thought I would share a conceptual illustration he created of the Metkayina village. This is just one of the many incredible images that he and the rest of our art department have created for the Avatar sequels. Thanks to all the members of the design production team. »

We know nothing more about this image, except that it is apparently one of many concepts imagined for James Cameron's film's sequels, as Jon Landau pointed out in his remarks. In any case, one thing is certain, the artistic team seems to be working hard to extend the universe of Pandora beyond the boundaries of the first opus, which promises an even richer and more varied universe in these sequels, and that makes you want it.

James Cameron's Avatar 2 is scheduled for release on December 14, 2022.

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