Facebook Pages are evolving, here are the 6 new features

Herve Mouyal

Facebook announces the launch of a new version of the Pages.

Facebook offers a new experience for businesses and creators. The goal is to make it easier for Page owners to grow their community and achieve their business goals. All Facebook Pages should be able to benefit from this new version in the coming months.


1. Redesigned interface

Facebook offers a new, cleaner and more intuitive Page design. It will be possible to navigate more easily from a personal profile to a Public Page. It will also make it easier to view biographies and publications.

2. Dedicated News Feed

You will find a dedicated News Feed for your new Page, which will be separate from your profile to allow you to follow what you are interested in. You'll be able to follow Brand Pages, Partner Pages, and other profiles and interact with your peers and fans.

The dedicated News Feed will also suggest new connections based on your interests: other Pages, other public figures, groups, or trend content. People with full control of the Page will be able to see this News Feed.

3. Remove the "Like" button

The "Like" of the Pages will be removed by Facebook, which means that the "Like Page" counter will no longer be accessible with the new version. If a user likes your Page but is not a subscriber, their "Like" will not be transferred to the Page's new version.

Facebook says it wants to focus on the number of subscribers, which is a more reliable indicator of how many people actually want to see a Page's posts. In particular, this will allow owners to get a more relevant indication of their fan base.

4. Easy management of access authorizations

Facebook also offers new features to make it easier to manage administrator access permissions and better secure the Pages. In concrete terms, you will be able to choose more precisely the access levels of the members to manage tasks on a Page:

  • access to Insights: publication and advertising performance,
  • access to ads: possibility to create, manage or delete ads,
  • access to editing: possibility to create, manage or delete posts, stories
  • Message access: ability to reply to community messages or comments from the Page's publications


5. New security and integrity features

Improvements have been made regarding moderation, to detect unauthorized activities on the platform: hate speech, violent, sexual or spamming content, identity theft... Facebook wants to develop a verified badge's visibility to facilitate the identification of posts and comments from authentic pages and profiles.

6. New Q&A (Question & Answer) format

Facebook will also introduce a new Q&A format to provide richer interactive conversations and provide a new way for Pages to interact with their subscribers.

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