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Launched in June 2011, Twitch is a live video streaming and VOD service. The majority of the content broadcast is video game games, shared and commented by gamers worldwide. Viewers can interact with the streamers through a live chat system. Discover tips to help you use Twitch more efficiently.


1. Appear offline

You can appear offline if you wish. This way, your status will be hidden from everyone, including your friends. You won't be visible in the chats. To switch to offline mode, click on your profile icon in the top right corner and choose the invisible option.

2. Enable Do Not Disturb Mode

This mode allows you to block new whispers. It is handy when you receive a lot of messages and watch a live show simultaneously. To activate it, click on the gear in the dialog box and check the do not disturb option.

3. Detach video

It is, of course, possible to switch the video to full-screen mode to enjoy the full screen, but you can also "pop-out" the window, to view the content in a different window while having access to the Twitch interface. You can activate this option by clicking on popout player in the video player gear icon.

4. Enable the theater mode

This feature is one of the most useful, and yet it remains very little known. The theater mode allows you to watch the live show in full screen while keeping the chat, and the option bars available. So you can interact live without having to leave the theater mode. Unused screen areas are covered with a smooth black background to help you stay focused on the live event.

5. Watch reruns

Twitch proposes to streamers to publish reruns of the lives on its channel. This way, viewers who missed the live can catch up on the part they couldn't watch live. To see the videos archived by a streamer, you can go to his channel and click on videos.


6. Create and share a clip

A feature called a clip allows you to isolate a short part of the live to share it on social networks or save it. To make a clip, click on the icon at the bottom right of the video player, or use the alt + X shortcut. Once the clip is isolated, you can give it a title and share it on the platform of your choice through a link.

7. Use audio mode only (on mobile)

It is possible to access only the audio stream of a live show, via the mobile application (iOS or Android), to save your mobile data. You can listen to your favorite programs on the go. To activate this mode, go to the application's settings and select audio-only.

8. Enable two-factor authentication

You can enhance the security of your Twitch account by enabling two-factor authentication. To enable this additional security, go to the Settings tab, choose Security and Privacy, and enable two-factor authentication.


9. Subscribe to Prime Gaming to receive benefits

By subscribing to Prime Gaming, you support both the platform and the streamer where you spend your subscription. Indeed, this monthly subscription allows you to remunerate a streamer and benefit from exclusive advantages (additional emotes on the chat, talk on a chat reserved for subscribers...). It is renewable every month, and the basic price of the subscription is 5,99 € / month. Amazon Prime subscribers automatically receive a Gaming Prime subscription at no extra cost.

10. Unlocking Gifts

It is possible to get special offers on some games through Twitch. Indeed, some beta versions of the games are offered to Twitch users through a drop system, such as when Riot Games' FPS, Valorant, is released. Prime Gaming subscribers often benefit from exclusive skins or additional content for the games thanks to this feature.

11. Become a Twitch Affiliate

The Twitch affiliate program allows the recipient to earn money through the platform. It opens the possibility for viewers to subscribe to the beneficiary's channel with their Gaming Reward (or to purchase an additional subscription). The following conditions must be met to become an affiliate:

  • have 50 followers,
  • have a minimum average of 3 spectators per live,
  • have streamed a minimum of 500 minutes on 7 different days during the last 30 days.

12. Host other streamers

For streamers, when you live on your channel, you can offer your visibility to another streamer by hosting his channel. If you perform this action at the end of your live, the spectators present will be automatically redirected to the targeted streamer's live. They will be notified of your hosting by a message from Twitch. To perform this action, go to Settings > Channels and Videos and enable Automatic hosting.

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