Pinterest: 8 key trends and strategies in 2020

Herve Mouyal

Like all other social networks, Pinterest has its own codes, rules, and expectations.

The ideal way to achieve interesting results is to take into account the changes in the platform while at the same time, injecting your own creativity to bring maximum value to the audience.

Especially since social media are often constantly changing their algorithms and introducing new features. Pinterest is no exception to the trend.

In 2020, Pinterest continues to establish itself as an exciting social network, even a must-have for at least 3 reasons :

  • competition is much less fierce than on other social networks
  • growth and growth potential are exponential
  • the Pinterest audience is the opposite of all other social networks; it's there to find inspiration when it comes to other social networks; it's there to like and forget your posts.

Here are a few tips I can give you to develop your Pinterest as I did, whether you are a company or a user looking for inspiration for your future projects.

1. Pin up regularly and constantly

The main goal of social networks is to satisfy users.

That's why, generally speaking, the interest of platforms and especially of Pinterest, is to make sure that users come back as often as possible and stay there as long as possible. It seems obvious, but many people tend to forget that.

Pinterest will reward you if you can publish fresh content daily, and ideally, all year round.

2. Consider seasonality

Posting Christmas pins in the middle of March will be less relevant than in the middle of November. So now is the time to do it; you are still in time not to miss Christmas.

Considering the key periods of the year can help you gain time, visibility, and impact over your competitors.

45 days is the average number you need to keep in mind to start publishing themes concerned with seasonality.

3. Optimize your boards

When we talk about board optimization, for me, we have to keep in mind 2 main elements:

  • The title of the table: the more relevant it will be, the more it will return. Example: "Autumn" is too vague, whereas "Autumn in Paris" is already better.
  • Recurrence: it is certainly interesting to have several tables, but it is essential to update them regularly to maximize SEO.

By capitalizing on these 2 points and especially the second one, you will significantly increase visitors' numbers.

From time to time, you can re-pin complementary content from colleagues or competitors to improve your engagement.

4. Publish videos

We are clearly in the age of video. Just look at the success of TikTok around the world or the Instagram Reels without forgetting YouTube!

Pinterest introduced video in 2018, but it didn't get a big craze right away because many people hesitated... Today, there is a real card to play because there is much less competition.

Video has multiple advantages, such as increased commitment, confidence, and transformation rates. 

No need to invest time and energy, make videos with your smartphone, and post them. My most viewed and recorded contents are videos of plants and flowers. Users are crazy about them!

5. Opt for the business account

The business account gives you access to a whole bunch of analysis tools and gives you more control over branding, content positioning, and pin promotion. Also, it allows you to promote your pins more easily. As it's free, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it.

Take this opportunity to claim your website and your other accounts, such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

6. Work on your keywords and your title

Keywords allow you to optimize the positioning of your content. But also to make them want to discover more, in particular, to invite them to click on the link to your site (or another page).

The idea here is to be punchy by being the most effective. The most important thing is to give a title that will encourage curiosity and put in a few lines and relevant keywords, the photo's description to generate curiosity, interest, and desire.

For example, I gave this title to one of my latest videos, "A visit of Montmartre in Paris" to attract visitors looking for information on how to visit Montmartre in Paris. Of course, I put a description of the few monuments or very famous places of Montmartre and some keywords. Here is the text: "A little visit of Montmartre village in Autumn. You can see some of the most famous locations such as La Maison Rose, Place du Tertre, Sacré-Coeur, and all the hundred steps. #paris #aesthetic #photography #travel #traveltips #travelideas #autumn #autumnvibes #autumncolors "

7. Use hashtags

Hashtags continue to play an important role in Pinterest's optimization process, but beware, the title and description remain more relevant.

They allow the algorithm to determine the content of your pins better. They also help users find your publications more easily.

2 important rules about hashtags :

  • avoid putting as many hashtags as possible: 2 to 5 relevant hashtags are more than enough.
  • you must avoid too generic hashtags: on the contrary, the more precise, the better.

8. Image quality

Don't forget that Pinterest is, above all, a visual platform.

It rewards people who display quality visuals. Image quality has many advantages such as improved fidelity, positioning, branding, click rate... and much more!

In short, Pinterest is becoming more and more an essential marketing channel because it offers multiple opportunities.

It's a great way to capture the attention, interest, and inspiration of your audience and invite them to take action to ultimately promote your products and services while increasing your online presence.

Unlike other platforms, this platform is still "under-exploited", which means a real card to play in 2020 and beyond.

And the good news of the last few weeks is the arrival of stories that will not be unlike Instagram or Snapchat limited to 24 hours, but you will be able to pin them on your boards as well.

If Pinterest does not yet convince you, I'll add an argument that made me switch to this platform: your posts have a lifespan of more than 100 days, and I even confirm that some of my pins are still as powerful after 6 months!

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