Newsletter Subject Writing Optimization for More Conversions

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Over time, emails have become one of the most potent means of communicating with customers without the digital distractions of social media. Sending newsletters to your customers to get more conversions is a productive marketing strategy.

Research showed that emails reached about 5.6 billion users at the end of 2020. And e-commerce platforms such as Shoplazza, Shopify, and Wix have integrated email marketing tools to help store owners benefit more.

But how do you plan and write your e-commerce newsletter to get the desired conversion? Most readers will view the emails on their mobile devices, so it's best to keep them simple and brief. These are some of the tips for writing a conversational newsletter subject.

Inquisitive Subject Lines

A tested and trusted trick to encourage subscribers to open an e-mail is by promising to share something untold. Everyone loves a good question and a good mystery. Trigger them to tap on their screens and open your email. Examples are:

  • Want to know how to make money from home?
  • You can lose 5kg without dieting! Here’s how…
  • Do you want an affordable luxury? Check this out!

The good part about this subject line is that any niche of the e-commerce industry can use it. Whether you sell clothes online or you are a gadget dealer, just pick something catchy related to your niche.

While trying to be unique, avoid text styles like excessive exclamations and spam trigger words. People are now smart enough to detect spam, which also puts your domain at risk of being blocked.

Compliment and Praise Subject

One of the basic human needs is to feel loved and appreciated. E-commerce brands can leverage this to encourage customers to continue to patronize them. Research shows that giving compliments sparks the same reaction as when paying a monetary gift.

Praise and appreciation of customers for using your products can increase customer retention with time and boost brand loyalty. Brands that function in areas where motivation and encouragement are essential for retaining customers will find this subject line very useful.

Call-to-Action Subject Lines

Adding calls to action in the subject line is an excellent way to turn subscribers into loyal readers. Use words that will prompt readers to want to read more and get to know what is in your newsletter. This tip is effective regardless of your niche as an online store owner.
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Shocking Subject Lines

Another catchy subject line that makes readers click is the one that shocks your subscribers. Something that grabs their attention to read what the email entails requires a stop in the subject line. Examples are:

  • If your business is non-paying, selling more won’t help!
  • You can’t put a band-aid on a destroyed name.

Ensure the subject you use is shocking enough to attract the attention of your subscribers.

Funny Subject Lines

Humor goes a long way in convincing people. Imagine using a subject line like “Don't invite Steve to that meeting; he'll dress like a ghost." No one would see this and not wonder what your newsletter's content is.

You don’t have to go overboard and find something amusing; just something funny enough to bring a smile. You could even be sarcastic or cute, depending on your audience. It would also be best to use something related to your niche.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is an effective strategy for customer conversion. The first point of contact is the subject line, which needs to trigger customers' curiosity to make them open your mail. Use these tips above to write catchy newsletter subjects that will get you more conversions.

(Contributed by Ayotomiwa Omotosho & Hermes Fang)

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