Email Deliverability: Play Your Game Right & Clean

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If you’re an eCommerce shop owner trying to get your email marketing game on, there’s a chance you’ve come across the term "email deliverability." If you haven’t, this is a parameter you need to know about. Email deliverability is a concept that describes the fraction of your emails that make it to your recipients’ inboxes.

Some recipients might have a spam filter that automatically sends your emails to the junk folder. Some might even manually direct emails from your address to the spam folder. If you’re someone with a vast recipient list, you probably think losing a few recipients doesn’t matter. Let’s show you why it does.

Email Deliverability Matters

Let’s use a case scenario to explain the importance of email deliverability.

As an eCommerce store owner, let’s assume you have an email recipient list of 2000 subscribers. After crafting good emails and sending them out, your inbox placement rate (IPR; a term associated with email deliverability) is 80%. This means for every five emails sent, one doesn’t make it to the inbox.

Let’s say you have an email marketing conversion rate of 5%, with every client making an average purchase of $50. This translates to $1000 of revenue you’re allowing to go down the drain. You’ve put too much work into email marketing to lose that much.
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Improve Email Deliverability

To improve the number of your emails that make it to the promised land, here are a few tips to follow:

1. Craft Great Emails

Never forget that content is king!

You need to address their pain points to get your recipients to engage with your emails and click on your link. This is where other parameters like the segmentation of your customers come in. Know what a specific group of clients requires and send products to help them solve their problems. Make your subject line intriguing to make them open the email.

Also, use simple and relatable grammar throughout the email to hold their attention. This is the first step to ensuring your recipients don’t move your messages to the spam folder.

2. Know Your Sender Score

Every email IP address has an associated sender score. This sender score can be likened to a credit score. It measures your credibility as an email sender and is calculated using unsubscribe rates and spam reports.

Your sender score also determines whether Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will automatically classify emails from your IP address as spam. You can use Sender Score to find information on your sender score. The higher your sender score, the higher the chances your emails make it to recipients’ inboxes.

3. Constantly Review Your Email List

Yes, having a huge email list is great, but are you sure all the addresses are still active? Sending emails to obsolete email addresses increases the bounce rate of your emails. The higher the bounce rate of your emails, the higher the chances of your emails being identified as spam.

You must constantly check your email list and weed out those not engaging with your emails at all. If you have a huge email list, you could use email validation services to help with this.

4. Use eCommerce Stores that Help Your Email Marketing Campaign

Using the right eCommerce store can also impact your email deliverability. eCommerce hosting platforms like Shoplazza or BigCommerce give you various templates and opt-ins you can use to retarget customers.

They also offer multiple templates that can kickstart your email marketing campaign and lead you through every step of the way.

5. Give Your Recipients A Way Out

Many customers send emails to the spam folder because they do not know how to stop them. Many email marketers obscure their unsubscribe buttons to prevent recipients from opting out.

If these recipients decide to send emails from the address to the spam folder, it severely affects the sender's score. Hence, you should always give your recipients a clear way out.


For your email to prompt any action from the customer, it must reach their inbox first. However, tricky techniques to get into your recipient’s inbox will likely lead to trouble. Therefore, play your game right and clean, and you’re on your way to getting those conversions.

(Contributed by Oluwafemi Adedeji & Hermes Fang)

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