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While eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Shoplazza allow store owners to optimize their product titles and descriptions for better search engine results, talking about social media in relation to search engine optimization may seem absurd to most.

Your inclination is right, as there isn’t any direct link between SEO and social media. It has been confirmed long ago that Google and other major search engines do not use social media stats like likes, shares, and followers as ranking factors.

However, social media can help your e-commerce store grow rapidly by putting your company's content in front of a large audience. This leads to different variables that would affect your search rankings, like backlinks, engagement signals, and more owned SERPs for registered queries, which would increase traffic to your website exponentially.

Social Media & SEO rankings

We have established that social media impressions and likes do not directly affect your rankings. However, if you can get enough traffic on different social media platforms, Google will eventually recognize your site as reliable for your niche. As a result, your site would rank higher.

Search engines index different information from your social media interactions, meaning that if you take control of the information that circles your social media accounts, Here are some instances where Google tracks social media interactions that may affect your domain’s ranking in the search engine.

  • Google notes Facebook interactions and comments, so it is advisable to write your posts and comments as they appear on the site.
  • Google browses social media profiles. You should create profile descriptions using keywords that relate to your site, optimizing your profile descriptions and bio.
  • Social media platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest are powerful sites that can help distribute your content to a vast audience, indirectly increasing your site's ranking.
  • Increasing your social presence would lead to more social awareness that would get you more branded searches, making your site rank much higher than the competition.
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Make Most of Social Media

1. Optimize the Content

The type of content posted on your social media platforms goes a long way in providing a satisfactory experience to your audience.

Compared to posts on your site, social media posts would be considered short. However, you need to consider some things to increase your social media traffic. They include:

  • Ensure your posts are short, engaging, and precise.
  • Catch the interest of your target audience while utilizing SEO tools so you can reach more people.
  • Provide engaging content to create a valuable and exciting experience for your audience.

Understanding how social media platforms work is essential because they all have unique algorithms. Understanding the differences and using the information would allow you to succeed on various platforms.

2. Promote eCommerce Goods on Social Media

You have to view the different social media platforms as potential marketplaces or mediums where you can attract potential customers to your eCommerce site. According to Instagram, over 83% of its users discover products and services on its platform. As an e-commerce wensite, you must utilize multiple social media to increase traffic to your site.

Posting your products directly is an excellent way to create value for your audience that actively shops on the platform.


Even though social media exploits don't directly influence your site's search ranking, it is crucial to utilize social media to increase traffic to your site, which may positively affect your rankings.

Search engines also pay attention to social media posts on different platforms. Optimizing your posts and replies on different platforms is a good idea. Doing this would attract more traffic to your pages, which can be linked to your eCommerce site.

(Contributed by Oluwafemi Adedeji & Hermes Fang)

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