Email List Maintenance for Online Stores

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The use of email in your marketing campaign is a potent tool for promoting your services and products. Above and beyond that, it incites customer loyalty.

Integrating email marketing into your online stores has a significant impact on keeping your customers informed about sales/discounts, new products, and if you offer additional services.

Moreover, it is a gentler way of driving sales. Many customers considerably appreciate it since it doesn’t imply that you are forcing them to buy something. You would first ask for their permission if they would like to receive marketing messages via email.

You need an email list for email marketing to be possible, and email list maintenance is a necessity.

A Brief Overview of the Email List

An email list is a list or collection of email addresses that you have acquired through your online store, website, or blog.

Business owners use this list of email addresses to send marketing content to numerous recipients. It’s quite similar to newsletters.

As your business gets to the next level, the number of email addresses you collect increases. Eventually, it will result in dead email contacts, duplicate email addresses, and misspelled or invalid email addresses. Hence, it also requires maintenance.

Email List Management

Email list management comprises several ways to help you collect information that has value for your business.

From the information you have gathered, you can strategize a plan to drive more sales, retain and encourage new loyal customers, and keep only those genuinely interested in your business.

A robust email list management system maintains the integrity of the following:

The email list is centered on those who have active emails only, which means your marketing newsletters, messages, discounts, and promotions are received by interested recipients only.

It keeps the efficiency, saving time and resources as your email marketing contents are sent to valid emails only. It also makes your reputation pristine since you won’t be tagged as a spammer due to sending multiple emails to dead email addresses.
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Email List Optimization

Here are some easy steps to keep your email marketing list optimized for the best results.

1. Set up A Double Opt-in Option

The best way to define a double opt-in method is to compare it with a single opt-in method.

A single opt-in is applied when a customer or guest needs to subscribe only once, after which they will receive emails.

On the contrary, a double opt-in method allows users or guests to subscribe and then have their email confirmed through another link.

This ensures that those who receive or have received emails are undoubtedly interested in the business or service you offer.

2. Make It Easy to Unsubscribe

Place an unsubscribe button or link that is easy to access or see. This gives the user or customer the idea that you value their privacy and respect their boundaries.

It is also beneficial since the users will do you the favor of cleaning or maintaining your email list by removing themselves from it.

3. Scrub Inactive Subscribers

Even in the presence of an accessible subscribe or unsubscribe button or link, there would still be users that would altogether ignore or overlook that they subscribed to your email marketing.

In this situation, you can simply remove them after sending a notification that they are unresponsive and ask them or give them an option to either continue to subscribe or unsubscribe via a link that they need to click to confirm their interest or lack thereof.

This is also called a re-engagement campaign.

4. Remove Outdated or Dead Emails

At times, a completely dead email address causes a bounce (meaning when you send an email, you will receive a notification that your email failed to be sent to the recipient).

You can manually remove these emails or use an email list cleaning service.

There you have it. You can simply do a quick re-read if you ever forget something.

You are all set and equipped with the basics. You just have to discover the other nitty-gritty on your own simply.

Right On And Write On!

Everyone can make use of a good pun, especially in email marketing. Most eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and Shoplazza, have dozens of email marketing templates you can use to jumpstart your email marketing campaign.

Now that you’re all set with your optimized email lists, you can now sharpen your copywriting skills to get those emails written!

(Contributed by Renz Moralde & Hermes Fang)

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