Crowd Testing for E-commerce Stores

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Rapid technological advancements have changed the way consumers relate to the e-commerce world. There is a constant need for immediate and ongoing testing to stay relevant and meet market needs. This is where crowd testing for e-commerce comes into play.

Crowd testing involves engaging a large group of anonymous testers to put your technology to the test. This allows real-world situations to be discovered by real-world people, thereby imitating the real customer experience.

Crowd testing is an e-commerce best practice, and every online store owner needs it. This article explains why you need crowd testing for your business and how to do it effectively.

What Is Crowd Testing

It is a practice that uses crowdsourcing diversity and efficiency for software testing. Software like SaaS, desktop applications, websites in various developmental stages, and mobile apps are shared with different people.

The people in this category are known as "crowd testers." They run the software on their mobile phones or desktops to test it and check for any defects or areas that need development.
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Why Is Crowd Testing Vital to E-Commerce

Crowd Testing Tests User Interfaces

E-commerce websites often rely on images and videos. These are important in attracting buyers and making it easy to maintain and write automated test scripts. Without crowd testing, automated test scripts can be challenging.

Crowd testing is well suited and flexible, but it’s not automated. It allows you to test your interface with humans without the services of a manager.

It Provides Cross-Device Coverage & Scalable Cross-Browser

According to statistics, 85% of shoppers will use more than one device to research a product before making a purchase. This cross-device buying attitude makes seamless cross-browser and cross-device testing a critical concern for e-commerce website owners.

Shoppers should have a top-notch experience on your site regardless of their browser or device. Crowdtesting platforms like Rainforest QA help you test multiple browsers and devices in parallel. You can view the result in 30 minutes, and you don't need any physical test execution.

The Crowd Emulates the End-User

Bugs on e-commerce websites have a direct and immediate impact on sales, which makes production testing important. The visual interface of your e-commerce website has to be optimized for the human eye.

Crowd testing mimics how your users use and interact with your products, helping you discover UX problems. Crowd testers can detect problems that may not necessarily be bugs but still affect the user's experience. This way, you can work towards improving those conditions.
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How to Employ Crowd Testing for Your E-Commerce Website

The crowd testing process may look easy, but it needs adequate planning. Before giving your website to predator crowd testers, you need to:

Work with Harmonizing Automated Testing

Do not forget that you can use crowd testing with other testing methods. There are different ways in which automated testing can benefit your business. For example, an email verification system helps you keep up with hard and soft email bounces.

Crowd testing allows you to use a continuous testing method. The test scripts are created before coding in line with the product’s functions. Then, an integrated code helps run the script continuously for the crowd testing process.

Partner with a Fulfillment Center

A fulfillment center helps with outsourcing order fulfillment, so you have more time to ensure things are running smoothly. Many people think fulfillment centers are just for storage, but they also handle everything relating to an order. It ranges from ordering to packaging and delivery.

Fulfillment centers can also manage some parts of customer service, including customer queries, returns, and exchanges. Some centers may even manage a contact center for their e-commerce clients.

Work with an Automation COE

A Center of Excellence (COE) enables e-commerce businesses to transit from an old to a better one. However, COE isn't physical. It is more like a team created to provide the best leadership, training, research, practices, and support for automation. An automated COE includes the process technology and people needed to maximize the advantages of automation in an organization.

Another way COE could benefit your e-commerce business is by using it to carry out a long-term vision and find new automation opportunities. If your e-commerce store works with an automation COE, roles will be shared so that each can add their skills to the growth of the business.
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Final Thoughts

Before putting your e-commerce website out for the public to start using, you need to test and ensure that the website is perfect and fit, even if you use well-known platforms like Shopify or Shoplazza.

Crowd testing presents a means to check out the real-life functionalities of your website to discover any hiccups. Read through this guide to know how you can do it better.

(Contributed by Ayotomiwa Omotosho & Hermes Fang)

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