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A referral is when a person tells another person about a particular brand or product in business history. According to statistics, only 59% of people believe offline recommendations in the United States. When you hear people say things like, “I used this, and I love it. You should also try it,” they use reference language. However, this is a little different from referral traffic.

Referral traffic involves getting more traffic when people click your links from other websites. Research proves that 14% of users take action when they land on a referral page. There are easy methods to follow to give you the best chance of getting a real, top-notch referral.

This article will describe five methods to ensure the referral becomes a new subscriber, follower, or customer.

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1. Write Guest Posts

The standard for getting online referral traffic is by writing a guest post. Follow these guides to create brand authority and SEO for your website:

Deliver Worthy Content

Write about solutions to problems, explanations, answers to questions, tutorials, and the things people need. This will show your readers that you understand their needs and can offer them value.


Let people know that you’re the brain behind the article. Add links to your websites. Include your name or business name, depending on the most notable one.

Choose the Perfect Websites

Your guest posts should be for sites related to your niche; they should also have no direct competitors. Such websites should also have good traffic and an audience.

Persistence and effort will be required to write a guest post. It may get complicated at some point, but you have to keep pitching ideas, reaching out to sites, and enduring any form of the silent treatment. There will be an increase in traffic if you do it for a long time.

2. Become a Niche or Local Authority

Being recognized and known as a professional has great value. Even if your prices are higher, customers will pick you over your competitors. People will look for you since they know you’re honest and they can trust you. But how can you do this? You can start by making public appearances, running local ads, sponsoring events, and contributing to your local community.

To get niche authority is the same procedure but at a higher level. Pair up with a business that provides related services to the same audience. Like guest posting, this also takes time and requires dedication.

3. Comment on Other Blogs

This tip aims to target audiences on a different website, deliver quality, and be known for solving problems. Do not force sales from your comments; your aim should be to build a good reputation and generate credibility.

If the blog doesn’t allow you to use your brand name, you can try to include links. In this case, you need ample time to look for the right websites, read the article, and develop valuable content.

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4. Get Listed on Review Websites

This is one of the easiest methods to increase referral traffic. Listing and review sites are popular platforms like Yelp or TrustPilot that carry powerful authority for your brand. They increase niche authority and raise SEO value, contributing to increased referral traffic.

Getting listed on such websites will help potential customers find you at the “decision phase” of their purchasing journeys. Although some charge fees, they give high-quality referrals. One thing is also to be careful not to get a bad review on these sites. If you get a bad review, reply calmly and let people see that you are good at addressing issues.

5. Write A Quora Post

Another excellent way to boost traffic is by writing Quora posts. It is just like guest posting, except you don’t have to get permission from other sites. Look for a question or problem people have regarding your niche, then create a Quora post to answer the question. Quora is specific and would only reach a small audience. To get the most from Quora, answer as many questions as possible relating to your niche.


Every e-commerce business has its own unique features. Therefore, the method you choose to increase traffic on your e-commerce site has to align with your goals. Although Shopify, BigCommerce, Shoplazza, etc. provide an easy way to build websites, they don’t redirect traffic to your online store. Fortunately, the methods above can work for all kinds of e-commerce businesses. Follow these steps to take your business forward!

(Contributed by Ayotomiwa Omotosho & Hermes Fang)

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