The Power of Content: Why Online Store Owners Need a Blog Section


Have you ever wondered how you can attract customers to your online store and still boost their loyalty and satisfaction? The first thing you probably thought of is marketing. Marketing is an effective way of improving the performance of your business. One excellent marketing strategy is adding a blog section to your e-commerce website.

Shopify, Shoplazza, Wix, etc., encourage store owners to create a blog section because it would create a significant change by expanding your messaging and brand, and your store would become visible to all.

Here are five reasons why you should add a blog section to your online store:

1. Display Products

Nine out of ten first-time shoppers would likely not make a purchase. Offering them adequate information on the product will be entertaining and keep them around for a long time. They want to come back for more exciting content to boost brand recognition and trust. You can also share a special moment about your business, enabling customers to follow your progress.

You can also share social media content to keep them entertained, so they’ll be directed to your site to do some shopping when they click on it. You can use your blogs to:

  • Inform customers about ongoing sales and discounts;
  • Share products, applications, or use;
  • Respond to frequently asked questions;
  • Post overviews and announcements about the latest products.

2. Increase Customers Loyalty

Customers who return to your establishment are critical to your success. Blog posts can help you gain customers’ loyalty, but how can you achieve it? Select a customer every week or month and share information about them, how they use your product, and how they make a difference.

The customer will feel special and tell others about your products. Another way is by showing them another purpose of the products or giving tips for using your products.

3. Reveal Your Expertise

The best way to show your expertise is through blogging. Selling alone isn’t enough. Show your customers that you understand the market you preach. Being an expert would also help you build connections in the industry.

The more you provide relevant information and proffer solutions to people’s problems, the more other people in the industry will come to you for help. It will, in turn, lead to speaking opportunities, backlinks, and guest posts on other sites, all of which will increase your customer base.

4. Boost Your Ranking on Search Engine

Search engines like blog posts because they love high-quality, fresh content. If your site hasn’t improved since you launched it and wondered how to switch it up, try creating a blog post. Create new creative content, launch it, and see how your traffic will increase. A blog post helps you:

  • Generate internal links;
  • Aim for long-tail keywords;
  • Get more backlinks to your site;
  • Increase user engagement and session duration.

5. Create Social Media Content Collections

Regular blog posts help you connect with new shoppers and long-time customers. Suppose you want to post your brand on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. In that case, you must look for quality content that your customers will value and appreciate.

Building a list of excellent articles for your customers will make your social job easier. The more you share content, the more your post will be reposted, spreading your brand and name and giving you new customers.

Considerations Before Opening A Blog

There are a few things to look out for when launching a successful blog. You must take note of the ideas for the kind of post you want to write. As you think of them, write them down. Because research is far more complicated than writing, doing so will assist you in removing roadblocks.

Pick about three or five categories to start with. Then you label each post according to the categories it falls into. Categories allow users to select blog posts that interest them and help your post attract the attention of search engines.

Use more images in your blog posts. Pictures engage readers, and it also tells search engines your post's context by labeling them with the correct alt text.

Final Thoughts

As discussed above, you can see why a blog post is essential for any e-commerce business. Show your expertise, opinions, what you love and what you think your customers love. Let it be something you would also want to read. Do not forget to focus on things relating to your services and products. Write today and get your desired audience!

(Contributed by Ayotomiwa Omotosho & Hermes Fang)

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