Lost in Translation: What to Consider When Pushing Your Local Store Worldwide



In the quest to increase your sales, international expansion is necessary. According to a study conducted by SEMrush, they claimed that the US e-commerce industry leads the global market with 42.9% of traffic, followed by the UK (6.7%), Germany (6.2%), and France (4.5%). The first step to taking your e-commerce business worldwide is to have a multi-lingual website. Such a website will give you an audience from all over the world, provided it is expertly handled.

Customers feel at ease when shopping for goods in their native language. Translating your e-commerce site the right way would give customers a seamless shopping experience. This article describes all you need to know and put in place to push your local store worldwide.

Why E-Commerce Websites Need Translation

Your website is how you communicate with customers. This is where you give out information about your brand and your products. When a visitor finds out that a website is in their local language, the impression will remain with them. It will be a little difficult to change such an impression.

However, they will leave your website if it is too difficult to understand. Translating your website would help you grow internationally. People from all over the world would want to visit your site because they'll be able to communicate effectively. With proper translations in place, you will be able to expand your customer base and improve your brand’s public image.

Things to Consider Before Translating

To correctly translate your website and have a positive result, follow these steps:

1. Select a Sales Funnel for Your Site

Every website has to be created according to the plan of sales optimization. However, this does not change for a translated website. If you are planning on email marketing, you have to translate it.

You must also translate every page that customers encounter, beginning with the landing page. In a sales funnel, you determine how you attract people to your site and all the steps they pass through to become loyal clients.

2. Take Note of Multi-lingual SEO

One of the benefits of e-commerce website translation is that you can create new content, making your site rank positively in search engines. But how do we achieve this? You need the services of an SEO professional. If not, the translation might not rank highly.

Fortunately, most mainstream e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Shoplazza, and Squarespace, allow you to alter the basic SEO settings. If you use WordPress or code a website yourself, you have more extensive SEO possibilities.

3. Don’t Just Translate; Adapt Your Content Naturally

During the sales process, cultural adaptation is essential. It would be better to hire someone who knows about the culture of the place you want to target. It is as simple as displaying different currencies would make a difference.

4. Look Out for These Sections

The kind of words you make use of is crucial here. These are the places your customers will decide if they want to buy from you or not. They are:

  • Landing Page: Many people do not have much patience to keep scrolling through your website. Your homepage should answer the question, "Is there anything for me on this website?"
  • Product Description: A product description is also as important as the landing page. It will help if you put more effort into this. The product description page would persuade your customers to add the product to the cart.
  • Payment Section: You should not forget about this either. If the payment section is not well translated, the customer might decide to abandon the cart.

5. Consider Human Translation

You might have come across outlandish translations of holiday packages, menus, and so on, and you don’t want your website to look like that. You can invest in human translation. Hire a professional translator to translate your e-commerce site the right way.

Final Thoughts

Pushing your online store worldwide is an excellent step to success. As described above, translating your e-commerce website is essential for achieving this. However, a wrong translation can cost you a lot. Read through this guide to do it right.

(Contributed by Ayotomiwa Omotosho & Hermes Fang)

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