When Landing Pages Lead to Conversion


Landing pages are critical for every eCommerce business. This is because they often convert better than product pages. The most excellent landing pages, according to Impact, may have conversion rates of up to 5.31 percent!

Sounds quite crazy, right?

Unfortunately, most people do not obtain these figures because they don’t understand how to use the four tactics outlined in this article. If that's something you're interested in learning, keep reading.

Why Do You Need Landing Pages?

But, before we get there, I'd want to explain why you need landing pages when your product pages are already selling.

The thing is, landing pages have one massive advantage over your regular product pages – FOCUS.

With an eCommerce landing page, you can do only one thing – BUY. There’s nothing else you can do there.

However, you may do other things with the basic product page. These include looking at other items and the About Us page. Those acts will not result in any sales.

And this is why landing pages convert so well! And now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get to the tips, shall we?


Strategy #1 - Make Your Landing Page Look Professional

Your landing page's graphics have a significant impact on its conversion rate. If it doesn't appear professional, potential buyers will think that what you're offering is a hoax.

Here are a few tips for you to make it look more professional:

  • Add Professional Videos & Pictures: Don't just put the standard white backdrop product photographs to your online store (whether you use Shopify, Shoplazza, or another platform, these platforms usually offer design suggestions to make it look more professional)! Instead, attempt to include some videos or images of your product in action. That allows the consumer to imagine possessing it, which increases desire!
  • Use Matching Colors: Having colors that match may help transform an ordinary-looking landing page into a professional-looking one. Fortunately, Adobe Color makes it simple to find unique colors.

Strategy #2 - Add Social Proof

Social proof is an essential factor in purchasing decisions. That’s because people don’t want to be scammed! But when they see evidence that people have bought and loved the product, they will start to trust you more and be willing to become customers.

There are multiple ways to add social proof:

  • Add Testimonials: This is most likely the most effective technique to develop trust. If you have a positive review from a previous customer, include it on your landing page. It's much better if you can acquire a video testimonial, as this increases trust.
  • Add Numbers: With numbers, you can make your landing page look trustworthy. For example, if you’ve got many great reviews on a product, then you could mention something like "Over 100 5-star reviews".
  • Add a Sales Pop-up: And lastly, you could also add a sales pop-up to your landing page. That will show the visitor that people are buying from you, making them feel more confident about doing the same.

Strategy #3 - Make a Great Offer

The offer will make or break the conversion rate of your landing page. Nobody will buy from you if your offer is bad, no matter how much social proof you have or how polished your landing page seems.

  • Have at least a 30% discount: If you want to offer your things at a discount, you must make them large enough. A 10% discount will not tempt customers, especially if your product costs $50-$100. However, your goods may appear too cheap if you go too high.
  • Add Scarcity or Urgency: Adding a close time limit or a limited number of products is one of the best ways to make them buy now instead of later. That's thanks to something called "fear of missing out."

Strategy #4 - Add an Enticing CTA

It doesn't matter if you have an outstanding offer and a remarkable landing page; If you don't compel your visitors to take action, they won't buy anything. As a result, after every sales presentation, always remind customers what they need to do next!

And, instead of a primary CTA like "Buy Now," try something more engaging like "Get Your XXX Now."



These are the four best practices for developing a high-converting landing page. I can nearly promise that it will convert better if you utilize all of these strategies on your next landing page. All you have to do is get started.

(Contributed by Andreas Ojala & Hermes Fang)

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