New Study Says Caregivers Face Financial and Psychological Challenges

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According to journalist Marissa Plescia, and, "Caregivers may be in need of support just as much as those they’re taking care of, new research shows."

As Plescia continues to report, "About 28% of Americans consider themselves to be caregivers, and 22% are unpaid, according to a new survey from Woonsocket, Rhode Island-based CVS Health, and Chicago-based Harris Poll. These caregivers are facing financial and mental health struggles: 47% said that being a caregiver is a financial burden and 49% said their mental health suffers from being a caregiver." 

“Caregivers are making significant sacrifices across different areas of their lives to support their loved ones,” said Dr. Jamie Sharp, vice president, and Medicare chief medical officer for Aetna, which is part of CVS Health. “If you are or have been a caregiver, you know this to be true, but to see the shared experience in numbers sheds light on the support and resources this group needs.”

"The online survey was conducted in December and included responses from 2,031 American adults," Plescia notes. "CVS Health and Harris Poll have not published the survey but shared the data with MedCity News."

"Adding to the financial burden that caregivers are experiencing," Plescia goes on to relay, "...37% of respondents said they’ve had to quit their job or cut back on work hours due to the responsibilities of caregiving, the survey found. This is especially true for younger caregivers, with 57% of Gen Z/Younger Millennials having to quit or reduce their hours." 

As Plescia concludes, "Caregivers are also making sacrifices in their personal lives: 45% have spent less time participating in their hobbies, 39% saw their friends less, 34% fell behind on managing their health, 29% rearranged their home to accommodate the person they’re caring for and 28% formed unhealthy lifestyle habits (such as eating poorly or drinking more)."

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