JoAnna Cameron: The Early Career and Tragic Demise of TV's "Secrets of Isis" Star

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According to, JoAnna Cameron, who died in 2021, was born Patricia Kara Cameron. She was " American actress and model, whose relatively brief acting career lasted from 1969 to 1980. She is primarily remembered for portraying the superheroine Isis/Andrea Thomas in the short-lived series The Secrets of Isis (CBS, 1975-1976). Her character was depicted as a distant descendant of the Pharaoh Hatshepsut (15th century BC). An amulet that once belonged to her ancestor bestowed on Andrea elemental powers, and turned her into a representative of the goddess Isis (from which the powers derived). The series lasted for 2 seasons, and a total of 22 episodes. Cameron also portrayed Isis in three guest appearances in the superhero series Shazam! (CBS, 1974-1976)."

As continued to report, "Cameron attended college during the late 1960s. She befriended fellow college student Linda Hope, daughter of the late comedian Bob Hope. Linda introduced Cameron to her father. Bob decided to cast Cameron in the role of the main character Nancy Benson in the comedy film How to Commit Marriage (1969). In the film, Nancy is a 19-year-old music student who is impregnated by her boyfriend. She plans to give birth and then offer the child for adoption, while her parents conspire to adopt their grandchild without informing Nancy of its fate. This film was Cameron's film debut."

Interestingly, Cameron, as also noted by IMDB, was originally considered by Paramount for the role of Jenny in Love Story (1970), which made Ali MacGraw a star.

As of May 2003, Cameron was working in hotel marketing in Hawaii. According to IMDB, she was not fond of performing with the black raven in The Secrets of Isis (1975) and asked the producers several times if they could write him out of the script.

As concluded, Joanna Pang Atkins, who played Cindy Lee in the show, is the one who revealed Cameron's cause of death on social media. Lee said Cameron died due to complications from a stroke on October 15, 2021.

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