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Cat Partners with Rabbit to Co-Parent Their Litters

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According to journalist Andy Corbley and The Good News Network (GNN), "A cat and a rabbit have teamed up as parents of both their litters after they gave birth days apart—and they even feed each other’s babies."

As Corbley continues to report, "The bunny known as Amy became an inter-species nanny more than two weeks ago, after Chrissy, the cat moved her kittens into the rabbit hutch. Destiny Hampton had set up a hutch for Amy and her brood, but after checking in one day, discovered Chrissy snuggling up with her own newborns."

"The discovery came as a big surprise because Hampton didn’t even know the feline was pregnant," Corbley notes, while the 47-year-old woman said, “I was a little worried at first that they might fight, or hurt each other.”

As Corbley documents further, "The wildlife rescuer and owner of Roberson Creek Farm in Tobaccoville, North Carolina, attempted to separate the pair out of concern for the babies. But that turned out to be a mistake. Both mothers immediately stopped feeding their young as a result of the stress."

"The animals were not only getting along well," Corbley notes, "...they were co-parenting their young. Chrissy was feeding the baby rabbits. Amy is only feeding her young once a day, so Chrissy is often picking up the slack."

“They get along great,” exclaimed Hampton on social media. “They all want to be together, the babies and the mothers. “It’s so weird because cats move their babies a lot (but) Chrissy…doesn’t. I think maybe she knew that the rabbit mom wasn’t making enough milk and wanted to help her."

Hampton was surprised because as she said, the feline in question “...isn’t the nicest cat. Chrissy is feral. She won’t let me touch her, but she loves Amy apparently. The babies are all doing great, and cuddle all the time.”

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