"Got Talent" Viewers Shocked By Simon Cowell’s Drastic Weight Loss

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According to Yahoo! News, Simon Cowell's recent weight loss of lost 60 pounds has some fans expressing their “concerns” for his health.

As Yahoo!'s Marissa Matozzo documented, "The Britain’s Got Talent judge, 63, was photographed leaving the show’s auditions event at the London Palladium this week, and according to one fan on Twitter, 'looking much slimmer.' The American Idol alum donned a dark gray fitted t-shirt with black pants and accessorized with his go-to aviator sunglasses at the show’s launch as well.

"In April of 2022, Cowell opened up about his weight loss to The Sun, noting that this wasn’t through a gastric band, but rather, through a reevaluated diet, including reduced meat intake and cutting out sugar.

"He also stressed he avoids red meat, but still treats himself to a light beer from time to time. He also said that removing dairy or gluten from his daily intake impacted his weight loss," Matozzo reported.

“Cutting all that out is what has made a difference, genuinely,” he told The Sun.

Cowell also said he “used to binge on sausage rolls, hamburgers, and his favorite jam tarts made by his personal chefs.” But now he has been able to “drop four waist sizes” by removing these foods from his intake.

In further conversation with The Sun, Cowell said, “The most dramatic period was the first month where most of the weight comes off and you look at yourself and think ‘wow.'”

As Matozzo also observed, "Fans seem to keep thinking ‘wow’ as well as they express their 'disbelief' in his 'different look.'"

One Cowell follower recently tweeted, “Simon Cowell is unrecognizable what a state, looks like a wax works mess,” as someone else added, “Simon Cowell looks good but super different.”

Another fan added, “good for him but doesn’t he look too skinny?!” 

Matozzo noted how "others seemed to focus on his plastic surgery history, as one wrote, 'did he get another facelift?'”

As to his surgical procedures, Cowell also explained to The Sun that he had a facelift in 2018.

"Upon reflection," Matozzo said Cowell "recognized there were benefits, but ultimately, the cons outweighed the pros when it came to his personal life.

“There’s lots of things you can do now," Cowell noted. "You don’t just have to stuff your face with filler and Botox,” Cowell said, “It hurts like hell, but it gets rid of sun damage and unplugs all the crap.”

In 2022, Cowell told The Sun, “There was a phase where everyone was having their faces pumped full of this and the other,” he continued, “But actually, for me now, a lot of it comes down to healthy eating and drinking tons of water.”

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