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The winter months following Christmas and the New Year can be brutal. January is generally okay because you're still coming off of the high of the holidays. February and March can feel like a freezing abyss. When the lack of Vitamin D gets you down and there are one too many snowstorms, here are a few items that can keep you warm and fuzzy throughout the winter months. Your home can feel like a shelter and a place of comfort.
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  • A Heated Mattress Pad is a gamechanger. I’ve been meaning to get one for a few years and finally splurged on myself. I LOVE IT! Getting into bed is not only a cozy sanctuary but the heated pad also relieves back pain, cramps, and sore muscles. Now, when my ankles hurt or I have cramps from my period, I turn on the mattress pad and find immediate relief. It’s also nice for people who have had trauma because it really feels like a warm embrace. I love multifunctional items, so this is definitely my favorite item for winter. To be extra safe, I unplug it when I’m not using it.

  • I only take baths in the winter and when I heard about Epsom salt, it changed my life. I didn’t believe it but Epsom salt is extremely relaxing and relieves sore muscles. My apartment isn’t well insulated and the heating bill is extremely high so I do whatever it takes to keep warm. I love taking Epsom salt baths, and I also sleep better afterward. The lavender scent is my favorite and it feels like my own spa when I take a bath.

  • Magnesium is changing my life. My dentist recommended that I take 200 mg to 400 mg of Magnesium at night to help relieve grinding my teeth. It’s supposed to reduce stress and anxiety. Overall, I feel much better. I only take it on nights when I feel particularly stressed, and I only take 200 mg. Magnesium can cause loose stools so start out on the low end and see what happens. If I feel constipated from eating too many holiday foods, this is also helpful. You can read more about magnesium from sites such as the NIH or WebMD.

  • I enjoy drinking hot beverages in the morning and afternoons, especially in the winter. Not only does it keep me warm, it feels like a small gesture of self-care that gives me a sense of comfort throughout the day. My work involves a lot of rejection so having something warm and comforting helps me to accept those disappointments and try again without becoming completely pessimistic. I’ve been trying to find a brand of teas that I like. At first, I thought the Yogi brand of teas was for yoga or exercise enthusiasts, which I’m not. I was surprised when I tried a few different ones, including their green tea, and I enjoyed it a lot. This is my go-to tea for winter.

  • I’m not a huge candle person but having one in the winter is especially comforting. The glow from the candle and the scent of pine reminds me of all the best parts of winter instead of the cold, mud, and too hot subway cars. Lighting a candle in the winter is like being in your own Christmas movie, and I love that.

  • They also make electric blankets! Now you can be warm in your bed and on the couch. Anything that comes with an extra source of warmth is helpful in my cold apartment. In my head, I think I’m being more economical than using an electric heater because the blanket is literally wrapped around my body so I’m not misusing any heat.

  • Diffusers make your home feel like an upscale spa. It feels like I’m at a retreat and it certainly makes working from home so much more calm and relaxing. My goal is to alleviate stress as much as possible. When this is on, I feel like I’m enwrapped inside of an eucalyptus or mint plant, and I feel much more positive about whatever it is that I have to deal with. Diffusers are also aesthetically pleasing so it’s a win-win.

  • I’ve always wanted a Nespresso machine. The smell and thought of something warm and foamy to greet me in the morning sound like a dream. It’s also a wonderful motivator to get out of bed. It creates a nice ritual that makes the morning soothing and a treat rather than a list of to-do items for the day ahead.

  • A nice beanie keeps you warm and is stylish. I have two that I rotate throughout the winter. When one gets a bit sweaty, I switch it out so that I always have one to wear. They’re also different thicknesses so it allows me to adjust for different temperatures without getting too hot or too cold.

  • This Vitamin D lamp will help to light your way through winter. Sometimes it literally just gets too bleak. Too many weeks without sun can feel like a downer. I literally want to stay in bed. Our bodies need vitamin D. Thankfully, someone created vitamin D lamps to give us a sense of hope for the days ahead. It’s also aesthetically pleasing so it can blend into your home seamlessly.

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