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Van Gogh Immersive Experience Nashville - Extended!

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van Gogh Immersive Experience Nashville | photo from Tennessee Governor's School for the ArtsTennessee Governor's School for the Arts

The Immersive Van Gogh Immersive Experience in Nashville opened in March with a scheduled end date of June 19. Lucky for Nashville, the exhibit remains open! The website states, “extended by popular demand,” and as of today, tickets are available through October 10.

Nashville Exhibit

A new way to view art, the exhibit is an immersive visual experience featuring 500,000 cubic feet of digital projections showing animated versions of van Gogh’s work. Moving images full of vibrant color showcase van Gogh’s sunny landscapes, night scenes, still life, and portrait paintings.

The following van Gogh paintings are used in the display:

  • "Les Tournesols" (Sunflowers, 1888)
  • "Chambre à coucher" (The Bedroom, 1889)
  • "Mangeurs de pommes de terre" (The Potato Eaters, 1885)
  • "Nuit étoilée" (Starry Night, 1889)

Many more works by van Gogh are shown in the exhibit created by Massimilano Siccardi, a world-renowned digital artist from Italy. The display is accompanied by electronic music by composer Luca Longobardi. You can preview the music with this Immersive Van Gogh official Spotify Playlist.

Immersive Art

Immersive art uses technology to create an interactive way to view art. A multi-sensory environment using music and movement is constructed to allow a visitor to enter a room and immediately become completely surrounded by the artist’s works. The displays are sharable via social media, and the large colorful exhibits create perfect instagrammable shots. With immersive art, the art becomes more about entertainment rather than education. Instead of a gallery offering a small painting for observation, immersive art places you inside the picture.

This is an active experience for anyone to enjoy, a family-friendly event for all ages.

A Little Bit about Vincent van Gogh

Arguably his most recognizable oil painting is “Starry Night.”
Reusable Fabric featuring Starry NightSophy Curson

In the mid to late 1880s, van Gogh developed his signature style of painting inspired by Impressionist painter’s techniques but bolder and unconventional by comparison. He famously cut his ear off when chasing a friend with a razor. Due to fits of madness, he spent time in an asylum and committed suicide two months after being released. Throughout the extent of van Gogh’s career as an artist, one painting was sold. He was destitute and supported financially by his brother Theo. Theo died six months after his brother committed suicide.

Van Gogh’s posthumous fame is attributed to his sister-in-law Jo van Gogh-Bonger. After Vincent and his brother Theo both passed six months apart, Jo sold some of Vincent’s paintings and published his letters to his brother. His interesting life story captivated people and made his paintings gain popularity.

Tickets for Nashville Exhibit

There are three ticket types available for the Nashville Van Gogh Exhibit. Prices differ for peak vs. off-peak hours. Tickets are for sale online.

  • VIP Ticket $80 off-peak / $100 peak per ticket: priority access, cushion rental, limited edition poster, VIP souvenir laminate, $10 voucher for the gift shop, arrival time flexibility.
  • Premium Ticket $50 off-peak / $65 peak per ticket: cushion rental, limited edition poster, arrival time flexibility.
  • Basic Ticket $40 off-peak / $55 peak per ticket: standard admission, strict arrival window
  • Child Ticket $30 off-peak / $35 peak per ticket: ages 6 - 16, admission only

Children under 5 do not require a ticket purchase. Tickets are non-refundable. Upgrades are available in advance online or at the box office. Contact the ticketing office at

Nashville Venue

Lighthouse ArtSpace Nashville

4416 Ridgefield Way

Nashville 37205

Parking info here.

What to Wear and Other Tips

  • Wear something comfortable and walking shoes. This walk-through experience is estimated to take about 35 minutes, but it is suggested to plan for an hour. It is wheelchair accessible.
  • The Flex Pass is worth the extra money. Strict arrival times are enforced unless using a flex pass.
  • Bring your own earplugs or ask for them (free) at the exhibit. The music is loud.
  • Turn your glass off! Pictures and videos are allowed, but no flash.
  • Sit down and enjoy the immersion. It is a walk-through, but to allow yourself to enjoy the full effect, sit and soak it in!

Other Cities to see the Van Gogh Exhibit

Check websites for current information.

In the US


San Francisco

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Cleveland, Ohio

Las Vegas

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Columbus, Ohio


San Antonio

Kansas City, Missouri




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