Kanye West has ditched his shoes but still wants to be the leader of the Free World

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Traditionally when people of adult age do not wear shoes only socks they are usually residents of mental health facilities. But there’s a man out there trying to make this a vibe. This man’s name is Ye, but most know him as Kanye West. Many of those same people believe he should reside in a facility where shoes are banned for suicidal concerns. 

Luckily for Ex Wife Kim Kardashian Ye has found a new woman to be his muse and parade along with these fashions.

Always wanting to one up Kim, Kanye chose a wife who looks just like Kim’s post divorce fling Pete Davidson but who previously looked just like Kim. You can’t say Ye doesn’t have an eye for this sort of thing. 

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Kanye is still running for President of the United States of America for the 2024 election. YE24 according to reports is complete chaos but still moving forward. His last run actually went as far

As to get him on some ballots, and he won a surprising number of write in votes. He however was much more popular then, and some might say that was was the beginning of his decent into chaos. Others know it started much earlier. However since losing to President Joe Biden he has gone full force into insanity. It’s hard to say how this will effect his run. Most likely we can count on non-legal Australian bride Bianca Censori to be by his side. 

Is Ye24 still happening? 

Despite a whirlwind of controversy and set backs as of May 2023 YE24 Kanye West, who is legally naked just YE now is still moving forward with a second run for President of the United States. 

Kanye hasn’t exactly been well liked since 2022 when Kim Kardashian forced a a divorce he didn’t want to participate in. Many recall that set off a Firestorm of conflicting statements, lucrative deals disappearing, antisemitism and major blows to his wallet.

Adidas dropping Kanye Wests very popular YEEZY line was the biggest blow. However Kanye and adidas have reached a deal to sell remaining stock with Kanye receiving 15%. It’s unlikely Yeezys will sell like they did a few years ago when it became a obsession to obtain them, but Kanye and the Yeezy brand itself hasn’t lost all fans. 

Kanye has laid low since winter 2022 when he married “Yeezy Architect” Bianca Censori in a private non-legal ceremony that ex wife Kim Kardashian learned about in the news like the rest of us. 

The question is do we want a president who doesn’t wear shoes despite making a fortune selling shoes and do we want a president that walks around like this?  

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How does one run for President? 

To run for President of the United States, a person must meet certain constitutional and legal requirements. Here are the key criteria:

  • Natural-born citizen: The candidate must be a natural-born citizen of the United States. This means they must have been born on U.S. soil or be born to U.S. citizen parents.
  • Age requirement: The candidate must be at least 35 years old by the time they assume office.
  • Residency: The candidate must have been a resident of the United States for at least 14 years.

In addition to these eligibility requirements, there are several practical steps involved in running for President:

  • Forming an exploratory committee: Candidates typically establish an exploratory committee to gauge public support and assess the viability of their campaign.
  • Party nomination: Most candidates seek the nomination of a political party. This involves participating in party primaries or caucuses to win delegates and secure the party's nomination. Some candidates, however, may choose to run as independent candidates without party affiliation.
  • Fundraising: Running for President requires significant financial resources. Candidates need to raise funds to support their campaign, including expenses such as advertising, travel, and staffing.
  • Building a campaign team: Candidates assemble a team of advisors, strategists, and volunteers to assist with various aspects of the campaign, including policy development, communications, and grassroots organizing.
  • Primary and general elections: Candidates must navigate the primary and caucus process to win delegates from their party. The winners of the primaries then face off in the general election, which takes place on the first Tuesday in November in the year of the presidential election.
  • Electoral College: The President of the United States is not directly elected by the popular vote but rather by the Electoral College. Winning a majority of electoral votes is necessary to secure the presidency.

People still like Kanye’s music with his best album “Graduation” still averaging 4 million streams daily.  

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