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Go Barefoot and Show off Your Nail Polish in Myrtle Beach

Heather Raulerson

Today, June 1st, is National Go Barefoot Day and National Polish Day. And what better place to celebrate your tootsies is on the beach in Myrtle Beach. If you are on the beach, go ahead and kick off those sandals and show off those beautiful toes to the sunlight.
Toes in the sand at Myrtle BeachHeather Raulerson

National Go Barefoot Day allows you to kick off your shoes and run barefoot through the cool grass or the warm sand! More importantly, it is a day to help support a charity that provides millions of underprivileged children worldwide with shoes. If you donate gently used shoes, it can do several things. It can put usable footwear on those who need it most. Did you know that shoes are hard to come by in many countries, especially good shoes that protect feet from rocks and harsh elements? Even if they have access to a pair of shoes, they may be handed down, worn or ill-fitting. And, they may only be able to wear them on special occasions.

Donating your shoes also keeps them out of the landfill. And we all know the landfills have enough items filling them up at the moment. Divert those still usable, clean and good shoes to someone who will wear them to school and work. They will help the owners of those feet get an education and make a living. It’s incredible what a difference a pair of shoes can make.

Now is an excellent time to clean out your closets and donate a pair or two of gently used shoes to a charitable organization in your area, or see the following for information: Soles4Souls organization. Use #GoBarefootDay to post on social media. And since you are donating your used shoes, go ahead and stretch out those little piggies out in the sand.

National Nail Polish Day lets us show off our toes in every shade under the sun. Sandals and beaches mean manicures and pedicures, too. Did you know that nail polish has come a long way since the bees’ wax and gum Arabic used by the Chinese around 3,000 B.C? Today’s celebration recognizes these durable lacquers and gels that last longer and provide variety.

No longer the status symbol it once was, nail color now changes with the seasons, our styles and our moods. And, there is also a shade or hue for every occasion. Vibrant reds, turquoise and plum, make summer nails shine during beach parties and weekend barbecues. The understated style of pale pinks and beiges or subtle moss helps us look workweek chic. For those elegant evenings or when we want to make a statement, nail polish adds gold, silver, and sparkle to even the most economical wardrobe. My favorite colors for the summer and the beach are blues, greens, purples, and teals (the color of water).

If you have a steady hand, you can grab a bottle of your favorite polish and paint your nails and toes. Then head out to the closest beach, flip off those sandals or flip flops and dip those toes into the warm sand. Show off those fabulous summer nail colors and enjoy a nice walk on the beach and if you happen to donate a pair of shoes, it is a good feeling to give back. Here’s to going barefoot in the sand!

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