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The largest exhibition celebrating the Marvel Universe has landed at the Museum of Science and Industry. Have you ever wondered where Super Heroes originated? Or wondered how comic books are made? The Marvel: Universe of Super-Heroes exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry will show you all that and so much more. You'll be able to learn Marvel history from the beginning all the way to the Avengers. This exhibit has over 300 artifacts, including original comic book pages, sculptures that you can get selfies with, interactive displays, and costumes and props from your favorite Marvel’s blockbuster films. Here is everything you need to know about the Marvel Super Heroes exhibit at the MSI until October 24, 2021.

Learn about the Origin of Marvel Comics and the Super Hero
the Human Torch comic book pageHeather Raulerson

You will see the first Marvel Comics #1 that was published in 1939 that featured the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner. The Human Torch was an Android that burst into flames upon contact with the air. The Sub-Mariner lived under the seas and hated the surface world for its abuses against Atlantis. This meeting of the two different worlds created the cornerstone of the future Marvel Universe. And the fight between these first two superheroes was put aside to fight a common enemy during World War Two, showing that even rivals could work together for the common good.
Human Torch and the Sub-MarinerHeather Raulerson

See how Captain America got started
Captain America the 1st Super HeroHeather Raulerson

Captain America was the first Avenger created and the biggest comic book hit of the 1940s. Captain America was used to promote liberty and showed how people could support the war effort. Captain America was brought back to life for the Avengers in 1964 to join forces with Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch. You'll be able to see the original Captain America comic books and the costume and shield from the Avenger movies.
Captain America's Avenger costumeHeather Raulerson

See Marvel's first family - The Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four comic bookHeather Raulerson

The Fantastic Four’s first issue was inspired partly by the Space Race, making them Marvel’s First Family in 1961. This was the first time that authentic family dynamics showed up in the comics, with family members bickering but still loving each other. The Fantastic Four dynamic became part of the Marvel formula that you still see today in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Have fun and get your selfie with The Thing along with many Marvel characters that swoop in the background through the window. Make sure to wait and see all the avengers show up behind the Thing.
The ThingHeather Raulerson

Check out the Black Panther Costumes

The Black Panther made its debut in the mid-1960s in the pages of The Fantastic Four as a commendable effort to make the Marvel Universe more inclusive. He was a big hit, and the Black Panther was embraced by all fans, which led to Black Panther receiving his first self-titled comic book in 1977. T’Challa was featured in some of Marvel’s strongest anti-racist storylines for comics. There is a beautiful photo display showcasing the costumes used in the Black Panther movie, along with a life-sized Black Panther that you can get a selfie.
Black Panther CostumesHeather Raulerson

Learn all the steps on how Comics are made
Steps on how to create comicsHeather Raulerson

The process that is used to make the comics is fascinating. You will be able to see how they created a Spider-Man comic from start to finish. Most writers used the full script method to create comics. They write detailed descriptions breaking down every page and panel of a story, and then give this to an artist to complete the illustration. The Marvel method uses a different method by creating short story synopses and then passing them over to the artist to finish the rest of the plot. Then the dialogue would be added by the writer after seeing the finished sketches.

Get selfies with all the Marvel Avenger Costumes
The Amazing Spider-Man CostumeHeather Raulerson

Within the exhibit, you will see several actual costumes worn by the actors in the Marvel movies. You will see costumes for the Black Panther, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and Dr. Strange. Also, you can see over 300 items of memorabilia from the movies and superhero pop culture.
Iron Man CostumeHeather Raulerson

There are so many rare comic book covers to see in this exhibit, along with amazing detailed never-seen comic pages. Take some time to read them and the cards below them with all the details on who drew them. I was surprised to see so many first comic books here, huge collector items throughout the exhibit.
The Avengers Comic BookHeather Raulerson

The MARVEL Universe of Super-Heroes Exhibit Information
The HulkHeather Raulerson

The exhibit runs until October 24. And if you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, make sure to get your tickets soon because they will sell out. The Marvel: Universe of Super-Heroes daytime tickets are selling out several weeks in advance. Exhibition-only evening hours may be available sooner. View the next available ticket dates here. The exhibit is in the Museum of Science and Industry at 5700 S Lake Shore Drive in Chicago and is a separate ticket from the museum entrance ticket.

I hope you enjoy your exploration of the MARVEL Universe of Super-Heroes. Plan to spend a couple of hours going through the exhibit and having fun with all the interactive displays, including Doctor Strange's mirror dimension and taking a test flight in an Iron Man suit. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite Super Hero toward the end of the exhibit to see where they rank. Who is your favorite superhero?

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