Enjoy the Aromatic Benefits of Lavender at the Michigan Lavender Festival

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Lavender, known as the Grandmother of Herbs, has a calming effect, reduces anxiety, and helps you sleep. Are you looking for a way to relax and rejuvenate? Then you should come and explore the Michigan Lavender Festival. This yearly festival has several options for you to experience the benefits of being around lavender, buy lavender-themed gifts, and even pick your own lavender. Here is all the information you need to enjoy the Michigan Lavender Festival.https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=17SZCX_0ZMHiRJu00


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Michigan Lavender Festival InformationPhttps://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=1KAiZ7_0ZMHiRJu00

Photo by Heather Raulerson

The Michigan Lavender Festival is a yearly event during the summer. It has recently moved from Blake’s Cider Mill to the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds in Imlay City. During the festival, there are over 100 different artisans, and vendors “Made-In-Michigan” lavender-themed gifts. All the booths are set up in an open-air market where you can wander the grounds to find your perfect souvenir and smell the sweet aroma of lavender. The Michigan Lavender Festival also includes workshops and classes to show you how to make the most use of lavender in your life for health and wellness.

Updated Festival Information for 2021

This year’s lavender festival is June 4-5th at the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds in Imlay City. The festival showcases the top Michigan Lavender Farms and their products along with having calming music playing during the festival. The festival also features a Food Truck Gathering with Metro-Detroit’s BEST Food Trucks. Visitors to the festival are able to learn about the many benefits of lavender, including growing, harvesting, cooking, and crafting with lavender.

Admission is $7 for adults with children under 12 is free. The admission fee includes all the classes and children’s activities. You can view all the latest news, scheduling, and information on the Michigan Lavender Festival website.


Photo by Heather Raulerson

For those looking for more lavender fun in Metro-Detroit, you can check out Blake’s Lavender Market. They will have the Lavender treats available, and over 150 artisans featuring Made in Michigan products, classes, and demonstrations. You will also be able to try their seasonal lavender-infused hard cider and beer.

Pick Your Own Lavenderhttps://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=4Rvi7p_0ZMHiRJu00

Photo by Heather Raulerson

At Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill, you have the opportunity to pick your own lavender. You will be driven out in a tractor and be dropped off at the Lavender field. I would try to pick early as if you are toward the end of the season; there are limited choices on what is left in the fields. I was able to choose a good handful to make a decent-sized bundle, but I did find it hard to find larger-sized lavender blossoms. You can check Blake’s U-Pick calendar to schedule which fruits, vegetables, or herbs you want to pick yourself.https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=4Ekq3F_0ZMHiRJu00

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Lavender Field Yoga, Aroma Meditation, & Massagehttps://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=29OikE_0ZMHiRJu00

Photo by Heather Raulerson

For those looking to relax, you can participate in yoga classes or take advantage of the free massages offered to festival-goers. The Free Aroma Yoga class has lavender essential oil permeating through the group to make your experience even more relaxing. The Free Lavender Massage also has a lavender aroma surrounding you. Both of these experiences are a great way to relax in the middle of the summer.https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=4OE83T_0ZMHiRJu00

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Lavender Markethttps://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=4DCbVw_0ZMHiRJu00

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Within the Lavender Market, you can find luxury bath goods, lavender sweets, soy candles, natural pet products, and many more Michigan-themed gifts. If you like country chic, you can also find furnishings with a lavender touch. And if purple was your favorite color, this is the festival to visit. Everything is purple and infused with lavender. I picked up my own bundle of lavender to have the heavenly lavender fragrance fill my home.https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=16W9eU_0ZMHiRJu00https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=1Bwauz_0ZMHiRJu00https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=2YRNNe_0ZMHiRJu00

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Lavender Infused Goodieshttps://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=3dDXla_0ZMHiRJu00

Photo by Heather Raulerson

One of the exciting finds was seeing all the different ways Lavender is incorporated into sweets and drinks. You can find tea, cupcakes, cookies, fudge, lemonade, and even ice cream, all infused with Lavender. I had no idea how wonderful it would taste when you add a little lavender to them.https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=3LdNPI_0ZMHiRJu00

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Sparkling Lavender Lemonade Recipehttps://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=3b3ubE_0ZMHiRJu00

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  • Two cups of water
  • One cup of honey
  • Two tablespoons fresh or dried lavender buds
  • One cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • Two cups sparkling water
  • Sliced lemons and fresh sprigs of lavender (option)


  • For the syrup: In a medium saucepan, combine the 2 cups of water, honey, and lavender buds. Stir over medium heat, removing the pan from the heat as soon as the syrup comes to a boil. Steep for 10 minutes. Pour syrup through a strainer and into a 2-quart pitcher; discard lavender buds. Cool to room temperature, then stir in lemon juice. Cover and chill for 4 to 24 hours.
  • To serve: Add 2 cups sparkling water to the lemon mixture. Pour the lemonade over ice. Garnish with a lemon wedge and sprigs of lavender.

Alpaca Friendshttps://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=1KOsfs_0ZMHiRJu00

Photo by Heather Raulerson

Another nice little bonus is that you might see some Alpacas at the Lavender Festival. They had a little area set aside for children to pet the animals. These are some very furry animals. There is so much hair on them that it looks like it is wearing a warm fuzzy sock around his neck. What do you think?https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=4SVoBy_0ZMHiRJu00

Photo by Heather Raulerson


Photo by Heather Raulerson

If you are looking for a unique thing to do this summer, then check out the Michigan Lavender Festival. You will be able to enjoy all the purple goodness and aromatic flavor that this amazing herb can provide. Have you been to this festival when it was at Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill? Are you planning on going to the new location at the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of the new venue.

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