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Los Angeles' favorite drag queen Meatball on why drag has been life-changing

Heather Newgen

Known for her outrageous unpredibtable shows and fun distinctive look, Meatball has become a regular fixture in the LA scene.

"I always try to make people laugh, whether I'm throwing hamburgers, or switching up into spoken word lipsyncing, anything to hold attention," Meatball exclusively told News Break. She added, "I love giving everyone a shared experience they can talk about for a while and something they haven't seen any other drag queen do before."


You can regularly catch Meatball performing at places in LA like the Precinct in DTLA, Exposure Drag at The Offbeat in Highland park and AKBAR in Silverlake. She's been doing drag for over five years now and reveals how life-changing it's been.

"Drag gives me the confidence to just live how I want to live. If I can walk down a street in full drag with everyone staring at me or harassing me cause they think I'm a huge freak, it definitely makes it easier to walk down the street out of drag and have people stare at me. I also have strengthened my voice and am less afraid of voicing my opinions," Meatball said.


She added, "Drag has also helped me to become a more confident person in the real world, just letting me express myself however I want whenever I want, I get to decide on who I wanna be at any specific time and its great...It has opened up a worldwide community of friends for me. I've traveled the world performing in huge venues and small clubs, meeting people and seeing different cultures all because I dress up and tell jokes. I am able to go to almost any city and just know that I can meet up with a group of drag queens I've never met before and have a wonderful time becasue we all have drag in common. We can all just kiki like old friends and its a wonderful experience." 

Meatball points out that drag has been meaningful for so many others as well.

"Drag changes peoples lives in huge impactful ways all the time to, I mean the original Pride march was started by trans women and drag queens who were tired of being raided by police at gay bars, It was illegal for them to dress in clothing that wasnt for their gender, they were tired of being arrested and put in jail for just trying to express themselves, because of them we have more rights today than we did before."

She continued, "There are queens that existed before Drag Race, in the underground club scene that lived entire lives inspiring queer communities and creating safe spaces for gay people, trans people and queer allies. There are queens who are running for office in Los Angeles (Maebe A Girl) and New York (Marti Gould Cummings). There are queens whose entire lives are spent bringing awareness to the prevention of HIV and Aids and use their drag as a way to draw attention and make change like Sister Roma in San Francisco. There are queens that own entire restaurant franchises like Hamburger Mary's owned by The Sugarbaker Sisters. Club Owners and movie and television writers all queens. Drag is life-changing because you can use your platform to change and grow things however you want."

For Pride, Meatball is celebrating with friends and collaborating with HIPDOT--a clean and vegan cosmetic line where she created her own Diamond Diva Pride pallet that gives back to the LGBTQ+ communtiy.

Meatball with her new Diamond Diva Pride Collection at HIPDOTHIPDOT

"Hipdot came around after they asked me if I was interested in working on a Pride palette with them last year. I of course said yes and it just took off from there. We had so much fun naming the colors and promoting it. It's been such a fun new thing for me. I think the best part of the palette is def the names, I think they're so funny, I spent forever coming up with them and I think they truly reflect my personality. But also the pressed glitters are indescribable, the way they glide on so smoothly and aren't chunky at all like a normal glitter, simply stunning. Also, I love that 10% of gross sales is donated to the LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund, an incredible charity doing stunning work."

Other ways Meatball suggests for supporting Pride--do it year round.


"The number one way you can support Pride, and not just during June, is supporting local queer artists. Every city has stores owned by queer people or online sellers. Supporting small queer businesses is what's going to actually help Pride continue. I know there are plenty of virtual shows and most drag queens have their Venmos or cash apps in their Instagram links. So go support with your wallets."

To find out where Meatball is performing next follow @spiciestmeatball on Instagram.

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