From actress to winemaker Cameron Diaz launches an organic and vegan Sparkling Rosé

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Cameron Diaz dominated the box office for years with classic hits like Something About Mary, The Holiday, Charlie's Angels, and The Mask, which launched the blond beauty into superstardom.

But after two decades of success, the A-lister quietly left Hollywood and hasn't starred in a role since Annie in 2014. The former model's priorities shifted after marrying rocker Benji Madden and she traded in the spotlight for a more lowkey lifestyle with her husband and their daughter Raddix.

However, she also launched a new career. Diaz is now a winemaker and started Avaline--a clean and transparent brand she co-founded with friend Katherine Power (Who What Wear, Versed Skincare, Merit).
Cameron Diaz and Katherine PowerAvaline

Diaz told News Break in a statement, “I enjoyed wine for many-a-year and never questioned it...but I had no idea of the process... We soon learned it wasn't what you added, it's what you didn't add. We made Avaline with the spirit of friendship as well as for the quiet moments that we all take for ourselves. What we’ve all seen and felt during this time is that we all still have the need and instinct to connect and also learn in new ways how to be alone together. We are so happy to be able to contribute to those moments and give our drinkers the peace of mind that they are drinking a wine that holds their values.”

The duo just released Sparkling Rosé, a limited edition wine exclusively available on Like all of Avaline's wines, the Sparkling Rosé is made with organic grapes, vegan friendly and free of unwanted extras like colors and concentrates.

“It’s very special and it’s our first limited production item, so I have a feeling it’s going to sell out quickly,” said Power in the press release announcing the latest wine.
The latest wine in Avaline from Cameron Diaz and Katherine PowerAvaline
Cameron Diaz and Katherine PowerAvaline

“The half bottle of Sparkling Rosé is perfect to split with a friend when you’re looking to enjoy a sip of bubbly but don’t need a full bottle.” Diaz added. 

The Sparkling Rosé, which you can pick up for $25 for a 375mL, is the second blush in Avaline's portfolio and the fifth wine in the growing collection.

“We don’t want you drinking something and not knowing what’s inside — because that’s not fair and we think you deserve better, Diaz told us via email. "This is why we’ve decided to tell our community exactly what they’re drinking  — and not because a regulatory agency is forcing the matter, but because it’s the right thing to do. (As of now, winemakers across the globe don’t have to share full ingredient lists for their wines, though this may soon change: legislation is being written that would require ingredient transparency in the EU, something we wholly endorse.)" 

She continued, "As such, the ingredients that go into a bottle of Avaline are clearly shared on our website, along with an explanation of why it is being used in the winemaking process... Our ingredient lists are clear, deliberate, and worthy of wine with nothing to hide. “We’re providing something that is thoughtful. It’s our way of saying ‘Your well-being matters to us.’”

Earlier this month, Diaz celebrated another exciting time-Mother's Day and her husband wrote a heartfelt truibute on Instagram.

'My Religion is family, and Mother is GOD. @camerondiaz You care for us and nurture us. Everything around you grows and flourishes in your light. Our little one and me get to live our life being loved by you and we are grateful. We love you forever Mommy - thank you for all you do. Happy Mother's Day!'

The Good Charlotte musician also ackonwledged the other women in his life.

'Also wish a Blessed day for my mom, my sisters, my friends and colleagues who are also selfless incredible mothers, and to all the mothers out there who may not get to hear these words from someone today much love from our family. U r All Gods!!!!!!'

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