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Getting your Vaccination at M&T Stadium? Here’s What to Expect at Baltimore’s Mass Vaccination Site

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Have a confirmed appointment for your vaccination at Baltimore's Mass Vaccination site at M&T Stadium, home of the Ravens? Now what? Are you nervous? What should you expect?

I had my vaccination today and from the time we drove into the parking lot to the time I walked back out, everything was clearly labeled, there was no confusion, and all of the personnel were helpful and efficient. I have zero complaints about the entire process. Even when I called to set up the MyPortfolio account everything was clear. I lay out that process in an earlier article "What to Expect When Making Your Vaccination Appointment at Baltimore’s Mass Vaccination Site at M&T Stadium."

Where do I park?

The directions to the parking lot are clearly marked and the national guard helps direct people. There are golf carts available to anyone needing mobility assistance to the stadium from the parking lot. You tell the guard who directs traffic and he lets someone know to pick you up. They will also drive you back to your car if needed.

(Photo Credit: Heather Jauquet)

When you arrive to M&T stadium you can park in LOT B or C, someone will direct you and you walk into the stadium at GATE A. It’s clearly marked and you see statues of Johnny Unitas and Ray Lewis in the front.

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As you go through the line you are asked: 1) Do you have an appointment? and 2) The four questions about recent vaccinations and exposure to Covid. If it’s a no to the questions, you proceed to the next station where they check you in. Make sure to bring a valid photo ID. If you do an e-confirmation from MyPortfolio it’s literally seconds before you join the line to get vaccinated.

(Photo Credit: Heather Jauquet)

If you are hard of hearing or need help with verbal communication, they provide wipe boards so that you can communicate in writing if needed.

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From the time I walked into the stadium until I received my vaccination was 38 minutes. Even though the line was long, it was constantly moving with clear signs about where to stand. Every few feet there was someone to direct or assist you.

You walk by the Baltimore Ravens pub and towards the escalators. The escalators take you to the vaccination floor. There are also elevators available for those who need it. When you get to the vaccination floor someone will hand you an iPad to “Let the vaccinators know that you are on the floor.”

As the devices are collected, they are wiped down with disinfectant and handed out. I did have a moment of panic when I didn’t see my eligibility group on the screen. I was able to ask someone for help and confirmed my vaccination appointment.

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I was led to my vaccinator. They confirmed my name, date of birth, and vaccination appointment. They asked if I was allergic to any medications, especially injectable medications.

Author’s note: I am allergic to three different medications, one of which puts me into anaphylaxis when administered. I did ask my doctor if it was okay for me to receive the vaccination and brought a doctor’s note giving me the okay to receive the vaccination. PLEASE check with your doctor if you are allergic to any medication.

How do I know if I need to schedule another dose?

They will inform you which vaccine you will be recieving. I received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine so all I needed was the one dose. f you are given Moderna or Pfizer, they will schedule your next dose while you are sitting there. You do not have to register again. It’s a very streamlined system.

After receiving the vaccination I was moved to a waiting area for observation. In a low-tech, but efficient way, they put different color sticky notes on the vaccination card to indicate if you need to wait for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Yellow is a 15 minute wait in the green chairs, neon pink is a 30 minute in the orange chairs. The orange chairs are grouped together towards the back end of the waiting area. A nurse walks around to everybody to observe any reactions and to answer any questions. There are screens that tell you the time. Once your time is up, you’re done!

(Photo Credit: Heather Jauquet)

There is a “selfie station” where you can take your picture; which of course I did. Because it is considered a health facility you cannot take pictures while in line. The only pictures allowed to be taken are at the selfie station.

From start to finish the entire process took 68 minutes, 30 of which were under observation. I have heard that sometimes the line is 2 hours long, but you are constantly moving so it doesn’t feel like you are stuck.

Efficient and easy process. Thanks Baltimore!

Baltimore has honed their system to keep patients moving and vaccinated. The staff was helpful, polite, and did I mention efficient? Everyone answered questions, directed you to the right spot, or anticipated your needs before they were asked. There was never any confusion about what where to go or what to do.

(Photo Credit: Heather Jauquet)

Until we meet again Baltimore!

Have questions about my experience at Baltimore's Mass Vaccination Site? Comment and let me know for my next article. Thanks for reading.

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