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You probably thought of a large amount of money when you read the word wealth in the title, and you wouldn't be wrong.

According to the Mirriam Webster dictionary, the top 2 definitions of wealth are:

1: abundance of valuable material possessions or resources

2: abundant supply

A valuable resource for anyone in the industrial world would be money. We simply need it to provide us with our basic needs: food, shelter, and clean water.

There is nothing wrong with money being a resource. It is essentially a tool for exchange.But the word wealth can incur other ideas or images. Such as a wealth of information.

Essentially wealth means abundance.

We can have an abundance of emotions. The emotions of gratitude and love can make the poorest of men feel wealthy.

A person who has very little resources to buy food may feel wealthy to sit down to a hot 3-course meal. It isn't necessarily the food that makes him feel blessed, but the gratitude that enriches his spirit.

Can you remember a time when you were blessed with a small gift and felt rich?

Maybe someone assisted you in a time of need. You were grateful and your heart swelled open. Perhaps another person showed you, unconditional love when you needed it most. The warmth of that love washed over you bringing you peace.

This is wealth.

No one needs to tell you, there are many having a difficult time this year. it isn't just financial. It is worry and stress. You want to help, but perhaps you aren't in a position to offer much. You too have your own concerns!

So what can you do this holiday season to add a little wealth to a handful of people? People you don’t even know!

Here is an idea that has magical repercussions.

Think of an amount of money that you can easily spare, that won’t hurt your pocketbook. For some, it may be only 20 dollars. It may be less. Can you spare $5?

Now here comes the fun part.

Get a five-dollar bill, a piece of scotch tape, and a sticky note. You are going to take the bill, write a note and place them somewhere where a stranger will find it. Do not tell anyone you are doing this.

For example, when I lived in an apartment building, I would use a sticky note and write "This is for you! Buy a coffee or something for yourself. You deserve it."

Then I stuck the note and bill to the door inside the stairwell. I never knew who found it.

Get creative and find fun places to stick your magic bill.

Why do I call this magic?

The magic of wondering will delight your imagination. You can picture the smile on a stranger's face and abundantly feel joy!

The recipient will no doubt be pleasantly surprised They will feel blessed and abundant and eager to share the story of their unexpected gift with another. This assists in the spreading of good cheer. A story of kindness from a stranger has a great ripple effect. It brings people hope.

See it isn't the amount of money that makes people feel rich, it is the experience of giving and receiving.

The Law of Attraction.

We attract what we feel. When we feel joy, more joy appears in our lives. You will quickly notice how the magic of providing a smile to another will come back to you a hundredfold.

This small act will raise your vibration of abundance. When we feel wealthy, more wealth will appear in our lives

Currency comes from the word current, it is meant to flow! When you give, it comes back to you in ways you can not imagine. So keep a watchful eye out for a pleasant surprise.

If you try this, I would love to hear about your experience. Don't give the details of your act but instead share the emotion and the magic.

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