The Side Hustle for the Holidays

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The skeletons and witches are packed away until next year, but before you get the decorations to the attic, the TV is blaring Christmas ads.

What happened to Thanksgiving?

Now, I think every day should be a day to give gratitude, but Thanksgiving is an American tradition where we gather and share a meal with friends and family. The celebration is dwindling, at a time when we need it most.

A few years ago I was in St. Augustine with family and thought I would look up an old friend who moved to Jacksonville. The plan was for me to drive a little north and meet her, but she had other plans- shopping!

If I was overly sensitive, I may have been insulted but it's not worth it. I just allow people to be who they are as best as I can! And there are some people who LOVE to shop.

I am not a big fan of shopping. I consider myself a minimalist but ask me to go to a thrift store or consignment shop, and I am out of the door faster than a greyhound waiting for his master to return from work.

Holiday shopping comes earlier each year for most folks. I am not sure why. I am the one being shoved out of the store on Christmas Eve because they are closing. Maybe early shopping makes people feel joyous. Maybe, they dislike it and they want to get it behind them. Either way, we jump from Halloween to Christmas overnight.

So what does this mean for retailers?

More revenue.

Whether it’s gifts or party supplies, wine, or food. people will be spending. There will be car rentals, hotel stays, transportation expenses too.

With people spending, profits are made, and online entrepreneurs are cashing in.

What if I told you that you could too, in no time at all?

Affiliate marketing is not network marketing, I have nothing against network marketing at all, but people do get the two confused.

If you never heard of affiliate marketing, to simplify it, you set up accounts with companies (large and small), and you promote their products. For each sale, you get a piece of the Christmas pie. You can promote through emails, blogs, social media, SEO, videos, whatever your groove is.

With millions of products and services online and billions of people looking to buy, affiliate marketing has become an extremely lucrative business for stay-at-home moms, retired people, students, or anyone who loves the idea of earning cash while in their pajamas.

If you are interested in having a peek, Wealthy Affiliates offer a FREE 7-day trial. But it is more than a trial. It is an education. It is full-time support. It is WOW.

If you want to hang out and learn more after your week is up you will get your first month for the price of $19.00. Where the heck are you going to get a month of training to set you up for success for $ 19.00?

For years I have been dabbling in the affiliate world, trying to figure it out myself. I consider myself a perpetual student and a quick learner. And although I have learned a lot on my own, I had no idea what I did NOT know, until I joined.

What I love about Wealthy Affiliates is the support from the owners and the other affiliates. With blogs, chats, and an endless amount of classes, you can easily get sucked into a profitable addiction.

But Wealthy Affiliates. is not just support and training. They offer free hosting, domains, and websites. Everything you need is available in one easy-to-use platform. Even if you are already doing affiliate marketing, I can guarantee, you’re not doing it like this!

With 16 years in the biz, Kyle and Carson have mastered the technique. They built a platform that blows away anything I have experienced.

Got questions? They got answers!

A beginner?? No worries. I have looked at some of the training for beginners, and it really is for beginners. They walk you through each step with text, video, and online classes available 24/7, so if you're a night owl, you won't be alone anymore playing Words with Friends.

With a free week to learn, who knows what will transpire?. In six weeks you may be lying under a palm tree instead of a Douglas Fir!

Now, grab your 7-day free trial link above!

News update: Santa has joined Wealth Affiliates and fired all the elves. Looks like moms and dads will have to shop online this year. You make suggestions, you prosper!
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Blessings for a Healthy, Happy Home!

Thea Williams Scalco, B.Msc- lover of all things magical.

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