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Don't Miss These Seattle Coffee Shops!

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Seattle is long known for its incredible coffee scene with a vast number of roasteries, as well as being the birthplace of Starbucks. Over the last few years, the number of cute, little cafes grew rapidly and became the no.1 spot for Seattleites to hang out, work remotely, or simply have some me-time. Here are some of the cutest coffee gems you definitely need to check out!

Storyville Coffee

The team behind Storyville coffee lives by the "3 sip guarantee - love us by the third sip or your coffee is on the house." Needless to say, everyone has always paid for their cuppa. Sourcing some of the world's best coffee beans and using scientific roasting precision, Storyville is aiming to bring you an experience you'll never forget...and will be coming back for more. With four locations, one of which is a full roasting studio where you get to experience the process firsthand, my favorite is their Pike Place Market cafe, where you can enjoy the waterfront and be immersed in the Seattle history while you sip on your delicious cappuccino with homemade cashew milk. It doesn't get better than that!

Evoke Espresso

This cute little woman-owned coffee shop in South Lake Union literally evokes coffee love from the moment you enter through the front door. The smell of freshly ground beans from the famous Heart Coffee Roasters and the gorgeous-looking matcha croissant don't take no for an answer, so settle in for the best start of your day. From drip coffee and pour over to classic espresso and americano, there's something for everyone!

Herkimer Coffee

With three locations and the fourth underway, Herkimer coffee has definitely proven to be one of Seattleites favorites! With a purpose to "create a coffee experience of the highest possible quality," the team behind this 17-year old coffee pioneer aims to please not only coffee lovers, but those who haven't yet become one. They cultivate relationships with farmers and producers as much as they do with their customers, so you'll always be able to learn everything there is to know about your brewed cup. No wonder they're known to have lines out the door.

Preserve & Gather

This picturesque, Instagrammable neighbourhood coffee shop in Greenwood serves up fresh pastries, cookies, and cake (yes, cake!) to go with your foamy latte, double espresso or cortado. They prize themselves on the fact they don't have Wi-Fi as they aim to foster relationships and be a place where people disconnect to connect. What a perfect way to catch up with a friend!

Espresso Vivace

For the best Italian-style cafe look no further than the glorious Espresso Vivace. Praised with numerous accolades from the media, celebrity chefs, and coffee connoisseurs around the world, they're known for their short espresso (ristretto) and one of the best cappuccinos in town. Although their menu is short, the quality is one of the highest you'll encounter, so every sip is a special type of experience. Visit any of their three locations and feel like you're being transported to Italy with the very first moment you walk through the door.Make sure to visit these coffee shops and fall in love with the Seattle coffee scene.

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